Couldn't say in the week - but my swim across the bay and back has had to be put on hold for a couple of years - blasted knee!!
about 38 minutes ago Retail
currently on hold with @EE regarding account problems. Not proving to be very helpful or concerned at the moment. VERY Unhappy customer
about 41 minutes ago Telecommunications
joeyjoebag on hold with Vodafone
@VodafoneAU trying to do a data add on. Internet not loading properly, call back is for 3pm 2morro and on hold for 25+minutes #pathetic
about 42 minutes ago Telecommunications
lisabelaway on hold with Wells Fargo
@WellsFargo don't appreciate being put on hold for 30 mins to speak with fraud dept when I'm in uk on travel and fraud dept isn't open-
about 44 minutes ago Financial
@Interlink_UK Awful service! Paid special delivery, at home, no delivery, 35 minutes on hold, no answer or card! Driver obvs didn't bother!
about 1 hour ago Shipping
Hoping tomorrow #EE will let me cancel my contract without keeping me on hold for 20 mins or bullying me out of it! Trying all week! @EE
about 1 hour ago Telecommunications
amyincluj on hold with HostGator
@HGSupport yes i know because i waited on hold for 20 minutes because i called and spoke to someone
about 2 hours ago Web Company
vincente on hold with Expedia
17 minutes on hold with @Expedia because question that I do not receive email confirmations with bookings! What a terrible helpdesk system.
about 2 hours ago Travel/Accommodations
@adaminternet have been on hold for 25 minutes with no idea how long you'll be. Is this normal?
about 3 hours ago Telecommunications
mneal3661 on hold with MediaCom Cable
@MediacomSupport my Internet has been increasingly spotty for days now. I've called and been put on hold for hours not sure what the deal is
about 3 hours ago Media
lovely_petrie on hold with Verizon
Would love it if I wasn't on hold with @VerizonSupport FiOS so that I could watch #OnTheRun #30minuteslater
about 4 hours ago Telecommunications
maaddds_ on hold with Papa John's
I've been on hold with @PapaJohns for 6 mins over my order I put in 4 hours ago that isn't here yet this is a complete joke right
about 5 hours ago Food Services
YehudaSchlussel on hold with Verizon
@VZWSupport can't activate my iPhone 6 and I've been on hold for 40 minutes to talk to someone. Please help!
about 5 hours ago Telecommunications
whalespeak on hold with Verizon
on hold with Verizon for 56 straight minutes. I would be like "really people?" but then what am I doing
about 5 hours ago Telecommunications
Lola_Hart on hold with NASA
NASA launch!? Whelp, I guess I'll put Father Ted on hold for a bit!
about 5 hours ago Government
DaveyTempz on hold with Domino's
@dominos @Dominos_UK ive spent 15 minutes on hold for no response. My number is 07725962492. Im so sad dominos has let us all down
about 6 hours ago Food Services
bloody nose while on hold with chase bc someone hacked my account for $ that's how my night is going
about 6 hours ago Financial
yangdc_ on hold with Apple
FML was on hold for 20 minutes and out of habit pressed the lock button and it ended the call. FTW Apple 😞😞
about 6 hours ago Electronics
AndyTarnoff on hold with Verizon
Ooh, got through with Verizon after 52 minutes on hold. Of course they have no idea what I'm talking about.
about 6 hours ago Telecommunications
AndyTarnoff on hold with Verizon
44 minutes on hold with Verizon and counting. @VerizonSupport
about 6 hours ago Telecommunications
dwalters24 on hold with Delta Airlines
@Delta @DeltaAssist I've been on hold for a total of 1.5 hrs trying to get my wife & friend on an earlier flight tomorrow. Please help!
about 6 hours ago Airlines
benjudy on hold with Verizon
3 phone calls & 90 minutes on hold to learn I have a $99 deductible to replace my @VerizonWireless phone. "Total Equip. Coverage" my ass.
about 6 hours ago Telecommunications
AndyTarnoff on hold with Verizon
25 minutes on hold with @VerizonSupport and counting.
about 7 hours ago Telecommunications
@MediacomSupport y'all are the best! So much better than staying on hold for hours! #yayfortwitter
about 7 hours ago Media
SpitOnYaSwagg on hold with T-Mobile
@TMobile ya can't be having me on hold for hours fix that asap
about 7 hours ago Telecommunications