ohaiimsam on hold with Best Buy
i've been on hold with best buy for too long today. & what's worse is that i'm just trying to return a call.
about 6 minutes ago Retail
emilyybarra_ on hold with Verizon
on hold with Verizon -_-
about 9 minutes ago Telecommunications
OldCaesarCole on hold with Suddenlink
HOW MY TV HAS LOOKED FOR 20 MINUTES. And I've been on hold for 15 @Suddenlink http://t.co/7Vji74eAg7
about 10 minutes ago Telecommunications
TheTravisRichey on hold with GoDaddy
Hey @GoDaddy I've been on hold for 30 minutes for customer service. Is there a problem?
about 12 minutes ago Web Company
iamabore on hold with Yahoo
@Yahoo how is it possible that ive been on hold with customer care for over 80 minutes. Unbelievable! Haven't even spoken to a person yet
about 13 minutes ago Web Company
flp_photo on hold with UPS
@UPSHelp Now on HOLD with #CS Let's see what they do.
about 22 minutes ago Shipping
MeganBoggs on hold with Starbucks
Been on hold with @Starbucks for 20 mins. Why don't you love me anymore @Starbucks Can we not be friends?
about 22 minutes ago Food Services
MeganBoggs on hold with Starbucks
@BeaMiller I've been on hold with Starbucks for 11 and a half minutes. #youngblood
about 29 minutes ago Food Services
Been on hold for about 15 minutes now for @TWC Try hiring more people. time to find out who else is available in my area. Ridiculous
about 31 minutes ago Telecommunications
Hannahkerns on hold with Best Buy
35 min on hold with best buy😭
about 36 minutes ago Retail
dotLoux on hold with Teksavvy
@TekSavvyNetwork Issues in Aylmer QC? Not calling support to wait on hold for an hour tonight. Just checking. 2nd night in a row.
about 37 minutes ago Telecommunications
JPiersee on hold with Verizon
On hold with verizon and they finally pick up while I'm mid pee
about 39 minutes ago Telecommunications
MeganBoggs on hold with Starbucks
On hold with Starbucks. I am the definite poster child of white girl right now.
about 39 minutes ago Food Services
On hold with USPS, my pkg says delivered but it is nowhere to be found
about 39 minutes ago Shipping
blackismy on hold with Comcast
I try to be pleasant with @comcast but when I get hung up on after waiting on hold for 15mins it causes problems
about 52 minutes ago Telecommunications
baeiscash on hold with Pizza Hut
I've been on hold with Pizza Hut for 7 minutes! WTF
about 53 minutes ago Food Services
heyheyris on hold with Xbox Support
Sooo, I need to replace the laser on my Xbox. @DestinyTheGame will be on hold for 5 days 😖.
about 1 hour ago Services
Cateykins_ on hold with Apple
I am currently on hold with #apple support via 2 mediums. 😐 #seriously #mylife #goingonanhour #irepeltechnology
about 1 hour ago Electronics
Every time I get a bill it's a new problem... So I call in and wait on hold for 30 mins EVERY month. Hey @talktoMTS you're the worst!
about 1 hour ago Telecommunications
Been on hold for 5 minutes now with usps. #answeryourdamnphone
about 1 hour ago Shipping
@sky u shld be shamed of your service..more then 50 minutes on hold! My broadband is #sky #uk #internet #Arsenal http://t.co/XVt9WDKEGY
about 1 hour ago Telecommunications
Universe_KD25 on hold with Apple
On hold with Apple.... 😴 😑
about 1 hour ago Electronics
PrettyAss_Thug on hold with Comcast
I've been on hold with Comcast for 32 minutes
about 1 hour ago Telecommunications
BPBootcampNZ on hold with KFC
I'll try to consume this over 4weeks. KFC on hold for a while, hopefully 'hot n spicy' isn't released anytime soon:/ http://t.co/1KofglECUi
about 1 hour ago Food Services
fancymontes on hold with State Farm
@AhhItsAmyy I've been on hold for 15 mins, like a bad neighbor State Farm's not here..😭" @StateFarm
about 1 hour ago Insurance