chairbear_sst on hold with Disney
Only good thing about being on hold with disney is the music #DisneySide #WaltDisneyWorld @WaltDisneyWorld
about 3 minutes ago Travel/Accommodations
SaBean21 on hold with Delta Airlines
@DeltaAssist been on hold for 10 minutes. What’s the quickest way to talk about getting points for recent travel?
about 3 minutes ago Airlines
conspiracyyera on hold with Walmart
@Walmart let's see I called the store to ask them if they had an item. Was put on hold for 10 min. Hung up called back and was on hold again
about 6 minutes ago Retail
Cass_Lass456 on hold with Apple
Whoever locked me out of my message app is on my kill list. Like seriously this shit isnt funny Ive been on hold with apple support forvever
about 11 minutes ago Electronics
ohkelsooo on hold with United Airlines
I was just on hold for 30 minutes with @united only to be transferred to a department that's closed? You. have. got. to. be. shitting. me.
about 21 minutes ago Airlines
JNiggidy on hold with IRS
You would think the irs would hire more people to work their phones. I am gonna be on hold for 30-60 minutes at least. 😒
about 26 minutes ago Government
been on hold with value city furniture for the longest like i just want my dresser 😑
about 30 minutes ago Retail
jodiannee on hold with On The Beach
onthebeach have pied me tonight. on hold for an hour then they closed whilst i was waiting.
about 31 minutes ago Travel/Accommodations
swinkid on hold with Barclays
>Tries to report fraud to @Barclaycard >Gets put on hold for 20 mins+
about 32 minutes ago Financial
@SouthwestAir I have been trying to reach someone for 2 days now. I either get a busy signal or am on hold for over an hour
about 41 minutes ago Airlines
Caseyface1123 on hold with IRS
Being on hold with the IRS is a pain.
about 43 minutes ago Government
@DeltaAssist I've had two flights cancelled today and have been on hold for 45 minutes. How can I speak to a human? So frustrating!
about 43 minutes ago Airlines
hellohynes on hold with Ikea
Been on hold with IKEA for 20 minutes.
about 48 minutes ago Retail
woah_kennedy on hold with AT&T
Lol on hold with @ATT for 40 minutes before being mysteriously disconnected! Can't get rid of me that easily
about 50 minutes ago Telecommunications
bobludke on hold with Delta Airlines
@DeltaAssist Thanks. I am on hold with customer assistance. is that the best course of action?
about 53 minutes ago Airlines
CreeperChloe on hold with Apple
Currently on hold with Apple. Anyone up for a convo??
about 54 minutes ago Electronics
sixty8twelve on hold with Sea World
@SeaWorld has been ASKED over & over again to treat the orcas they are holding with the dignity they deserve, #AskSeaWorld is a joke
about 1 hour ago Travel/Accommodations
dakaiamilan on hold with DMV
I've been on hold for 10 minutes with the Dmv
about 1 hour ago Government
thackomatic on hold with PayPal
I've been on hold with PayPal for 1:12:15 and counting...... Might be a good place to start a business.....
about 1 hour ago Financial
@SkyHelpTeam 26 minutes on hold and then 1 minute explaining the issue before being told they will look at my account but just hang up...
about 1 hour ago Telecommunications
radiocolin on hold with PNC Bank
@PNCBank_Help Currently on 10 minutes on hold. Last time I tried this “Apple Pay” in the IVR gave me 30 minutes with no answer.
about 1 hour ago Financial
PierceMeehan on hold with Vodafone
37 minutes on hold then you've got the cheek to hang up on me!!!! Not happy at all!!! #swines @VodafoneUK
about 1 hour ago Telecommunications
@virginmedia just been on hold for over 15 minutes to have the phone put down on me without even a #veryangrycustomer
about 1 hour ago Telecommunications
danweekscomedy on hold with IRS
On hold with the IRS. I'm pretty sure Bruce Hornsby wrote the On-Hold music.
about 1 hour ago Government
26NotCounting on hold with DMV
When you're on hold with the DMV and the approximate wait time is 268 minutes. #why
about 1 hour ago Government