Kegluneq1103 on hold with Eon Energy
@EONhelp can I ask this again, want this sorted ASAP and have been on hold for 40 mins!
about 4 minutes ago Utilities
shrishruthi on hold with Priceline
It's impossible to get a hold of anyone at @priceline Was placed on hold for hours but, in vain. # strandedduetostorm
about 15 minutes ago Travel/Accommodations
abhi07cricket on hold with Vodafone
@VodafoneIN after keeping me on hold for 20 mins your executive shamelessly disconnected my call and u claim,happy 2 help #vodafonecheats
about 16 minutes ago Telecommunications
alisonannyoung on hold with US Airways
On hold with @USAirways for 1 hour 17 mins and counting trying to sort out change they made that doesn't work. Not allowed to fix online
about 18 minutes ago Airlines
@seetickets you've had me on hold for 25 minutes - absolutely ridiculous! I want my refund (and that's probably why you won't pick up)
about 20 minutes ago Services
SewLibby on hold with HMRC
Yay, thank you nice man at HMRC! Although it took me several calls and being on hold for 25 minutes this time, my...
about 22 minutes ago Government
namekz on hold with American Airlines
@AmericanAir kept my friend on hold for 5+ hours! And didn't even answer last #Juno
about 23 minutes ago Airlines
selkoshairi on hold with TE Data
@tedataegypt 11 minutes on hold to speak to someone and they hung up on me. #fail
about 32 minutes ago Telecommunications
halfpint4ku on hold with Orbitz
I've been listening to Cannon in D for the last 3 hours while on hold with orbitz. This has to be considered some form of torture right?
about 38 minutes ago Travel/Accommodations
RyanLynch_ on hold with Vodafone
Is this a joke @VodafoneUK ? I've been on hold for 10 minutes?
about 43 minutes ago Telecommunications
trawlerboy54 on hold with O2 Mobile
@Liztruss @O2 @onholdwith That's disgraceful. I don't blame you for leaving @O2
about 47 minutes ago Telecommunications
Hey @united canceled flight from Melbourne AU to LAX. Can you help get us on another flight been on hold for over an hour. Thanks
about 49 minutes ago Airlines
@FlyAirNZ nope. I didn't want to be on hold for a while and have call dropped again
about 54 minutes ago Airlines
halfpint4ku on hold with Orbitz
@sarahngyn @OrbitzCareTeam @Orbitz Been on hold for a combined 3.5 hours trying to get a refund issued on my cancelled flight. Good luck.
about 56 minutes ago Travel/Accommodations
@AmericanAir I got called at 1 am and proceeded to be put on hold for over an hour...
about 56 minutes ago Airlines
sarahngyn on hold with Orbitz
I've been on hold for 30 mins now when my estimated wait time was 2 mins. Wtf @OrbitzCareTeam @Orbitz
about 1 hour ago Travel/Accommodations
@EE no you can't really help me out to be honest, but not happy with your service I was on hold for 20 mins and then the person I
about 1 hour ago Telecommunications
jamesstone18 on hold with HMRC
@HMRCgovuk ive been on emergency tax code for 8 months.tried calling but on hold for 20 mins trying to get through, can i email or smthing?
about 1 hour ago Government
@JetBlue flight is cancelled.Now when I go to your website, my conf# is not recognized. Now what? Ive been on hold for 10 mins...
about 1 hour ago Airlines
EskimoDalton on hold with HMRC
43 minutes and counting - on hold with HMRC. I have #betterthingstobedoing than this!
about 1 hour ago Government
DavidRMorgan on hold with Cineworld
@cineworld if my call really was important to you then you wouldn't keep me on hold for more than 15 minutes!
about 1 hour ago Entertainment
Msahdev on hold with Orbitz
Still on hold with @Orbitz stranded in Israel. Multiple flights heading home to the U.S. Tomorrow, but I cant get any help. #blizzardof2015
about 1 hour ago Travel/Accommodations
AmyZapalski on hold with HMRC
@HMRCgovuk i spent 45 minutes on hold to request a tax notice sending out to me. This was over 2 weeks ago. Where is it? I need it.
about 1 hour ago Government
emmatett on hold with United Airlines
@united on hold for an HOUR, just after getting through to someone I've been cut off. Flight cancelled and need to rebook - call me back
about 1 hour ago Airlines
@united on hold for over 2 hours then cut off. Asked for help here and no reply. Who will help me
about 1 hour ago Airlines