@virginmedia no the phone went dead on me twice on hold for over 1.5 hrs it's fine to cancel but have common curtesy to let people know
about 3 minutes ago Telecommunications
binary255 on hold with Virgin Media
@virginmedia problems with broadband. Phoned customer services on hold for 30 minutes then phone cut out. Please phone me on 0161 789 7807.
about 10 minutes ago Telecommunications
northstartexas on hold with DMV
@CA_DMV 45 minutes calling in just to get in queue, 45 minutes on hold, and your rep ignores my question and hangs up. Thanks again!
about 11 minutes ago Government
localaaron on hold with S-Trip!
@cwgabriel I've really, really enjoyed Silverside so far. Maybe put the strip on hold for a while and do more longer-form stuff?
about 17 minutes ago Travel/Accommodations
FinsburyPLodge on hold with Vodafone
@VodafoneUKhelp Can you help by answering your phones? On hold for over 30 mins!!!
about 20 minutes ago Telecommunications
laurenconradp on hold with Apple
Itunes support told me "happy throwback thursday" before putting me on hold with the song These Words-Natasha Bedingfield #jammin
about 22 minutes ago Electronics
Royalwhitesider on hold with Verizon
I called my mom and she was already on hold with verizon about my phone #mvp :')
about 24 minutes ago Telecommunications
Day 2 of spending all day on the phone, on hold, with Blue Cross Blue Shield. #ThanksObama
about 25 minutes ago Healthcare
tunaishh on hold with Vodafone
I've spent twenty minutes on hold for you to hang up on me?! YOUVE GOT TO BE JOKING @VodafoneUK @VodafoneUKhelp
about 25 minutes ago Telecommunications
@SP_EnergyPeople Engineer came out to tell me I needed a prepayment meter exchange, have been on hold for an hour now, still no luck.
about 34 minutes ago Utilities
Been on hold with @CapitalOne for 22 minutes. WHAT is this world coming to
about 36 minutes ago Financial
afallon02 on hold with Virgin Media
@virginmedia it says it's up :( the phone line had me on hold for 10 minutes before giving up
about 41 minutes ago Telecommunications
matthewwalker28 on hold with TalkTalk
Fun chat with "Paul from TalkTalk" hoaxing me about a malicious virus. Kept him on hold for 10 minutes whilst pretending to boot up PC...
about 41 minutes ago Telecommunications
sophiergooding on hold with NatWest
@NatWest_Help if you mean 'raised' I was put on hold for 10 mins and told they are unavailable! #customercare #shoddy
about 42 minutes ago Financial
bethstruna on hold with Walgreens
on hold with Walgreens pharmacy and the hold music is old school j-lo😎
about 52 minutes ago Retail
@JDPower @KPShare How did Kaiser Permanente win anything? They put clients ON-HOLD FOR 30 MINUTES OR MORE REPEATEDLY showing NO RESPECT 4 US
about 53 minutes ago Healthcare
tunaishh on hold with Vodafone
@VodafoneUKhelp been on hold for 15 minutes. This is costing me a fortune. Won't be renewing my contract! #keepyouonholdsowecancashin
about 54 minutes ago Telecommunications
MPR_ebooks on hold with Verizon
lol i forgot that after you're on hold with verizon support
about 57 minutes ago Telecommunications
timdovexxx on hold with Verizon
Going on 20min of being on hold with @VerizonWireless Seriously?
about 57 minutes ago Telecommunications
isabelferreras on hold with Air Canada
@aircanada when do you plan to fix wait times at your call centre? 30 minutes on hold, then 20 with the phone continually ringing? really?
about 1 hour ago Airlines
MagWeso on hold with Nike
on hold with Nike and they're playing Arctic Monkeys and I'm perfectly content with this
about 1 hour ago Manufacturer
@ScottishPower Have been on hold for 30 minutes now #noheatingorhotwater
about 1 hour ago Utilities
PhoenixSher on hold with HSBC
Ok playing the waiting game on hold with #HSBC 15 mins so far! How long do you think before I'm off hold?
about 1 hour ago Financial
__Kerahhh on hold with T-Mobile
Dnt feel like being on hold with T-Mobile for a hour 😒
about 1 hour ago Telecommunications
dandiamo on hold with Groupon
Is it normal to be on hold with @Groupon for 45 minutes??? I was sent the wrong order. I'm a groupon newbie but this doesn't seem right.
about 1 hour ago Web Company