Klutzleo on hold with Verizon
Oh so fun. On hold with @VerizonWireless again. 3rd day in a row. Still can't get my order right.
about 3 minutes ago Telecommunications
Paul_Langevin on hold with HostGator
1hr and 22 minutes on hold trying to get in touch with anybody @hostgator for an ETA on my VPS re-start.... #hostgator
about 17 minutes ago Web Company
chathamchatham on hold with Apple
Johnny Cash play while I'm on hold with Apple Support. I approve of this selection, Steve.
about 19 minutes ago Electronics
LeExiledOne on hold with Verizon
Nothing like spending your evening on hold with @VerizonWireless http://t.co/CeBjdHNHaP
about 29 minutes ago Telecommunications
rachel1107 on hold with Verizon
@VerizonSupport sucks. Been on hold for over 40 minutes now. Never had this much wait time with Comcast.
about 31 minutes ago Telecommunications
CormBlimey on hold with Vodafone
@vodafoneNZ this is a joke-thought i was dealing with vodafone. i'm on hold with them now. been told some bulls*t story from your sales ppl
about 31 minutes ago Telecommunications
brendakrp on hold with Comcast
@comcast I'm on hold with you guys then it transfer to ' non working number" WTH #FAILCOMCAST then hang up and start over!!! smdh
about 32 minutes ago Telecommunications
B_SoFeisty on hold with Comcast
@comcast why do I always have to sit on hold for over 10 mins?
about 38 minutes ago Telecommunications
I was on hold for a good 30 minutes and then they didn't ever respond back to me and hung up. American Express 😡😤
about 41 minutes ago Financial
I'm on hold with Delta customer service. Their hold music appears to be the ambient sounds of a train. #holdmusicfail
about 53 minutes ago Airlines
tjsebelle on hold with Verizon
@VerizonSupport you guys are some cheeky fuckin' bastards. My grandma's phone goes out and I'm on hold for 20 min just to be hung up on.
about 55 minutes ago Telecommunications
katekillet on hold with Aeroplan
After 40 min on hold with @Aeroplan I give up. Life is too short. http://t.co/tGEPfgtUye
about 56 minutes ago Financial
@DeltaAssist my hubs has been on hold for 45 min with @Delta b/c online rez says that it "can't go through" #longholdforshortflight
about 1 hour ago Airlines
mIperium_7 on hold with Comcast
Comcast has the WORST customer service. No1 speaks English & they always transfer u around blindly or put u on hold for 20 hrs then hang up
about 1 hour ago Telecommunications
katekillet on hold with Aeroplan
But really #brands step up your game. These tunes are lame. Don't be the same. (Been on hold with @Aeroplan for 30 min & losing my mind)
about 1 hour ago Financial
Itsundos_97 on hold with Apple
I'm forever on hold with the apple store 😠
about 1 hour ago Electronics
christoronyi on hold with IRS
1hr and 25mins on hold with the IRS. I’d hate to see what small Government hold times would be. Good times. Good times…
about 1 hour ago Government
TheBassMan_RAM on hold with HostGator
7 hours down @hostgator @HGSupport I have been on hold for 30 minutes after getting disconnected. Horrible day. Horrible hosting #hostgator
about 1 hour ago Web Company
Boom1979 on hold with Centrelink
@Centrelink Ok was on hold for 45mins, was then told computer system was down and they couldnt help me at all and to call back in an hour!!!
about 1 hour ago Government
CanadianBeauty on hold with Air Canada
@AirCanada I need to add an infant to my ticket tomorrow but I've been on hold with your customer service for over an hour!!!
about 1 hour ago Airlines
prkrllmegncheez on hold with Verizon
Gotta love being on hold with Verizon for 15 minutes and then getting transferred to another department 😥
about 1 hour ago Telecommunications
devonbaverman on hold with Apple
I am on hold with #AppleCare and they are playing 'Call Me Maybe.' This does not make me feel better about my #technology woes.
about 1 hour ago Electronics
mow_joe_jojo on hold with Best Buy
@BestBuySupport I've been on hold for 15 minutes. My wait time was less than a minute.
about 2 hours ago Retail
sfogal1 on hold with Orbitz
@OrbitzCareTeam after 2+ hours on hold, now the dept we need is closed. would laugh if I didn't want to cry.
about 2 hours ago Travel/Accommodations
Dude! I am on hold with @Delta and a @NUHULA song came on! Great choice, Delta!
about 2 hours ago Airlines