jtth on hold with GrubHub
Been on hold with @grubhub for 25 min and nothing but the same stupid-ass Disney ride hold music. Literal hell. A maw has opened & swallowed
about 3 minutes ago Web Company
Cataniaa1 on hold with GrubHub
Big fail @GrubHub Food is over an hour late, call 10 times & line is busy, got thru & on hold for 15 mins all to get disconnected. Bravo 👏
about 5 minutes ago Web Company
YoureSoShain on hold with GrubHub
@grubhub been waiting on hold for 30 min to get a refund for a meal that never arrived. this is the last time ill ever use your shitty app
about 6 minutes ago Web Company
UnusedPotential on hold with GrubHub
My @GrubHub order was 40 minutes late so I called @GrubHub and now I've been on hold for 30 minutes. #howfuckingcoolisthat
about 11 minutes ago Web Company
@Franklin04Jesse @t3xas_mad3_an0n @NFL @dallascowboys Stand by, I'm on hold with the Four Seasons in San Francisco.
about 17 minutes ago Entertainment
dante_tena on hold with Pizza Hut
Called Pizza Hut and they put me on hold for 30+ minutes. Called back, and her response was "sorry." After ordering, still takes 45min.
about 19 minutes ago Food Services
laurapierce26 on hold with Seamless
@seamless got a confirmation email for my order 2 hrs later. Restaurant never received my order. On hold for over 30 min. What's going on?
about 20 minutes ago Food Services
jtth on hold with GrubHub
Oh and @GrubHub online chat disconnected me. Been on hold for over 10 minutes.
about 22 minutes ago Web Company
neesley on hold with Seamless
@Seamless After 45 minutes on hold. What's going on over there? Bummer that you've dropped the ball so epically tonight.
about 24 minutes ago Food Services
yorkstblues on hold with Vodafone
@vodafoneNZ this kinda helps people more quickly than having them sitting on hold with customer service to say there's an outage..
about 27 minutes ago Telecommunications
Codizzo on hold with Pizza Hut
Been on hold with the Totem Lake @pizzahut for 40 minutes. Pizza is 40 minutes late. Any calls instantly are sent to hold, no communication.
about 31 minutes ago Food Services
zzzzz been on hold with @AmericanAir going on 45 min now, c'mon guys hire a few more CSR's.
about 38 minutes ago Airlines
neesley on hold with Seamless
@Seamless You charged me for an order that wasn't sent to a restaurant. They can't refund me, only you can. I've been on hold for 30 min.
about 43 minutes ago Food Services
@AmericanAir Called Platinum line, 2 1/2 hours for a call back. Then sat on hold for 30+ min. Booked on another airline. Horrible service
about 51 minutes ago Airlines
katerich44 on hold with Pizza Hut
Waited on hold for 15 minutes and @pizzahut still didn't answer? Disappointing. #badcustomerservice http://t.co/7euVlfOc7v
about 54 minutes ago Food Services
Gotta love it when you have an emergency and trying to get home but @AmericanAir has you on hold for 50 mins and counting. #platinumstatus
about 55 minutes ago Airlines
mikekarnj on hold with Seamless
@seamless waiting almost 2 hours for dinner. called restaurant but line is busy. Called seamless & on hold for 20 min http://t.co/13eiP839G6
about 57 minutes ago Food Services
WesleyClegg on hold with Apple
currently on hold with apple support waiting for candy to come back ..
about 59 minutes ago Electronics
anatee20 on hold with Centrelink
@Centrelink and I'll be on hold for hours and hours on end????
about 1 hour ago Government
DaveRapps on hold with Seamless
Time to delete @Seamless ; no food after 2 hours, on hold with customer service for 30 minutes and my credit card was charged. #badbusiness
about 1 hour ago Food Services
@Chilis is slow today! No one is answering so I called the other and I'm on hold for 30 minutes! I JUST WANT MY FOOD 😩😭
about 1 hour ago Food Services
SirWallyCooper on hold with Centrelink
Centrelink is actually a piece of shit. I've been on hold for over an hour and a half.
about 1 hour ago Government
@DeltaAssist your hold music is filled with static and wanders in and out. 22 minutes on hold and counting. This is torture.
about 1 hour ago Airlines
csscoreboard on hold with Comcast
Comcast: I just spent 55 minutes on hold only to find out there was an outage in my area. I got to speak with ppl w - http://t.co/rLg99BLvT5
about 1 hour ago Telecommunications
radclipatra on hold with Verizon
@VerizonSupport I have been on hold for more than 90 minutes... If there is a service area outage can't you post it? Zip 19090
about 1 hour ago Telecommunications