MsRichards90 on hold with T-Mobile
@MsRichards90 @TMobileUK Was on hold for over 30mins to cancel contract 2 years of bad service
about 9 minutes ago Telecommunications
@AskBankOfScot 1. Don't put customer on hold for 30 mins. 2. Don't say you will call back then don't. 3. Give a contact email on website.
about 16 minutes ago Financial
@netsolcares What's up with SSL certification? Company has been on hold for a very long time. Then you guys blame Google... str8 answer?
about 22 minutes ago Services
@EE Already have, you left me on hold for 15 mins and offered no help at all
about 24 minutes ago Telecommunications
denlogue on hold with Apple
Johnny Cash, Ring of Fire while on hold with Apple support. #Winning
about 26 minutes ago Electronics
emma_r_89 on hold with ScottishPower
Been on hold with @ScottishPower for over an hour #ridiculous #hurryup #annoyed
about 27 minutes ago Utilities
SIOUXm6 on hold with Shaw
@erin_jeffery Just getting caught up on my timeline. I expect you're still on hold with Shaw. #notsarcastictweet
about 27 minutes ago Telecommunications
CLundbergGolf on hold with Bluehost
@bluehost server is down and been on hold with technical support for almost 20min. Help!
about 27 minutes ago Web Company
4255tom on hold with Southern Railway
@SouthernRailUK please get your delay repay team to call me as I refuse to wait 20 minutes on hold
about 45 minutes ago Travel/Accommodations
lawyerHamid on hold with eBay
@ebayindia @eBay @eBayCorp_UK Your toll free number takes it's TOLL as it is always found busy and callers r kept on hold for hours.
about 46 minutes ago Web Company
@ItsFlo I've been on hold with @Progressive so long the music stopped. You busy? Can I get a call or agent? #CarTroubles #firstworldproblems
about 50 minutes ago Insurance
zaccarsten on hold with Apple
Man, #apple #AppleCeo I know you just came out and all, but I've been on hold with #AppleCare for almost two hours.
about 51 minutes ago Electronics
@united Hour 2 of being on hold with your cust. serv. line. You've had complaints about excessive hold times for years! Unacceptable.
about 53 minutes ago Airlines
MzBlizzett on hold with Comcast
@ComcastJoeC My bill was only 256.22 and pay 457.94 and they talked too me any kind of way and they put me on hold for hours
about 54 minutes ago Telecommunications
@SP_EnergyPeople 3rd time waited in all day for nobody to turn up! Been on hold for over an hour and requested a call back twice! Nothing!
about 54 minutes ago Utilities
@united Hour 2 of being on hold with your cust. serv. line. You've had complaints about excessive hold times for years! Unacceptable.
about 56 minutes ago Airlines
LMKArcher on hold with HMRC
Hmrevenue&customs are an absolute joke!!! On hold for 40 mins cut off, on hold for 26 mins cut off again after being passed to 3 departments
about 58 minutes ago Government
iKyle1972 on hold with Vodafone
Thank you @VodafoneUK on hold for 30 minutes to be told nothing could be done. I'm leaving tomorrow morning.
about 59 minutes ago Telecommunications
@UnitedIllum Nothing is more frustrating than being on hold for 10 minutes, get a person who didn't listen and transferred to wrong dept.
about 1 hour ago Utilities
Rahulaintnotwit on hold with Ikea
Beat It, that's much better, although Thriller would have been more appropriate today. 27 minutes on hold to #IKEA
about 1 hour ago Retail
joyzaphine on hold with ScottishPower
On hold for 50 mins, but at least the customer service advisor was friendly and helpful when I eventually got through...! @ScottishPower
about 1 hour ago Utilities
Also been holding on to the phone line for @nationalcares and they've kept me on hold for over 7 mins. They obvs DON'T care.
about 1 hour ago Car Rental
Mobilephonesdirect thanks for being so useless with me. Also please employ more staff to answer your phones. I'm on hold for 35 mins a time
about 1 hour ago Telecommunications
ZooYouFoo on hold with GameStop
I've been on hold with Gamestop for close to 20 minutes now. I think they forgot about me.
about 1 hour ago Retail
inferiorego on hold with Comcast
#ScaryStoriesIn5Words I'm on hold with Comcast
about 1 hour ago Telecommunications