iamplayingme on hold with Ikea
hey thanks @IKEAUSA and @IKEAUSAHelp for keeping me on hold for over an hour. I JUST WANT MY STUFF #notlookingtocauseproblems
about 6 minutes ago Retail
HEY @pearson my roommate was only supposed to be on hold for 15 minutes and here she is 1 HOUR AND 35 MINUTES LATER, STILL NO HELP
about 7 minutes ago Education
mooonchild on hold with Sprint
@WilliamShatner On hold with Sprint. What's up witchu?
about 11 minutes ago Telecommunications
jimmylonabaugh on hold with Walmart
Was on hold for 15 fucking minutes. Fuck you ya dumb bitch prolly a fucking retard from walmart
about 13 minutes ago Retail
cararusso on hold with Comcast
@comcastandrea yeah I do! And my phone has been disconnected three times. I've been on hold for 30 mins total.
about 15 minutes ago Telecommunications
rachelehara on hold with Comcast
I made a full meal while on hold with Comcast.
about 18 minutes ago Telecommunications
MeganWeidley on hold with AAA
I was literally on hold with AAA this morning for 3 hours. Then I still had to get a tow truck from… http://t.co/mWE9AW3TZa
about 18 minutes ago Automotive
arminzarkeshan on hold with Cox
Wifi goes down, call cox they put me on hold for 40 mins then say they are now closed and hang up the phone...
about 19 minutes ago Telecommunications
_Cuerzous on hold with Yahoo
Dear @yahoo thanks for fucking nothing You lock my email make me call In and put me on hold for 40 mins and still no answer
about 22 minutes ago Web Company
cararusso on hold with Comcast
I really need Comcast's hold music to be less noisy. This is exactly the pitch I don't want in my ears as I sit on hold for 20 minutes.
about 22 minutes ago Telecommunications
Still on hold with @ladwp ... 89 minutes and counting...
about 31 minutes ago Utilities
ariel041792 on hold with PNC Bank
being on hold for 30min is just beyond annoying!! then the call drops and then i have to go through this all over again @PNCBank_Help
about 33 minutes ago Financial
DConMan on hold with Visa
@PNCVWallet Yes, after 30 min I got someone, who had to put me on hold for another 15 to reach Visa security. Frustrating night.
about 34 minutes ago Financial
Bass_Dawg on hold with Olive Garden
Called Olive Garden in Waco and used my old lady voice. Bitch said she'll put me on hold for a sec and fuckin hung up @MaryBeotch
about 34 minutes ago Food Services
fan4photos on hold with Yahoo
Again Yahoo email fail...Again I must wait for hours on hold to reset p/w. Don't email me...Done. Epic Fail #yahoo @marissamayer
about 36 minutes ago Web Company
christinefeve on hold with Rogers
Holy F @RogersHelps Been on hold with your "not ready to leave you" number for 15 min. #NailInCoffin
about 40 minutes ago Telecommunications
@FrontierCare on hold for 25 minutes just to speak to someone and I can't rebook at the airport.
about 41 minutes ago Airlines
owlkeeper on hold with Direct TV
@DIRECTVService You can start by having someone answer my call! Second call this evening and have now been on hold for 20 minutes so far!
about 42 minutes ago Telecommunications
Maryssalee on hold with AT&T
been on hold with AT&T for forever 😂
about 44 minutes ago Telecommunications
_tamaraxo on hold with Rogers
@RogersHelps you guys should use twitter as your service instead of leaving me on hold for hours..what too many complaints?
about 44 minutes ago Telecommunications
jonm898 on hold with Sears
Been on hold with @sears for 5 minutes. Don't know why.
about 45 minutes ago Retail
FR8_DA_GR8 on hold with Comcast
@comcast RT @Freight101 Comcast sucks 38 minutes on hold and still haven't talked to anyone... They lost a customer tonight
about 45 minutes ago Telecommunications
cheeserzeppeli on hold with Geek Squad
holy shit i'm on hold with geek squad & they have horribly annoying music on here
about 46 minutes ago Services
TheMousePlanner on hold with Disney
It's always nice to hear Golden Dream when I'm on hold with Disney.
about 47 minutes ago Travel/Accommodations
iamplayingme on hold with Ikea
on hold with @IKEAUSA for over twenty mins after 5 failed tries earlier. furniture scheduled for delivery YESTERDAY never arrived. #notokay
about 49 minutes ago Retail