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on hold with UPS
about 7 minutes ago
On hold with @UPS because it is the second time they have lost an item when I used internet pickup. Good thing I ha… https://t.co/5hZjhpIYdC
about 14 minutes ago
🤣 tryna track my package with USPS and I been on hold for a hour plus
on hold with PayPal
about 14 minutes ago
Hey @AskPayPal is anyone still in the office? Been on hold for over an hour and starting to worry about you guys.
on hold with HSBC
about 16 minutes ago
@HSBC is the worst. My new card got flagged for fraud before i got to use it, and after hours on hold and sending i… https://t.co/RFo2WdS5ju
on hold with Fidelity
about 16 minutes ago
Gee @Fidelity , I have been on hold for 30 minutes.
on hold with Bank of America
about 20 minutes ago
congratulations, @BankofAmerica you won! i can't be on hold for more than 23 minutes w/out having to give up. needless to say, you suck.
on hold with IRS
about 20 minutes ago
15 minutes later, still on hold with the IRS. Their hold music is boring. Come on, y'all should have something more lively than this.
on hold with Anthem
about 26 minutes ago
On hold with bank for 15 minutes listening to the classic “scratchy pan flute” version of the national anthem of th… https://t.co/MH4eW7Y0jl
on hold with Bank of America
about 28 minutes ago
on hold for 15 minutes + to talk to a @BankofAmerica rep. prob not worth the free museum a couple of times per year....
on hold with American Airlines
about 31 minutes ago
Donkey Who. A doodle while on hold with American Airlines. #mlp #mlpfim #brony https://t.co/5cIYoi6WGl
on hold with PayPal
about 36 minutes ago
I've been on hold with @PayPal customer service for almost 45 minutes now if you wanna know how my Tuesday is star… https://t.co/CeRImC0hnw
about 47 minutes ago
&’ i been on hold with USPS for 46 mins
on hold with Blackbaud
about 56 minutes ago
I’ve been on hold with @blackbaud so long I’ve gone through 3 instrument groups of classical hold music.
on hold with British Airways
about 1 hour ago
@British_Airways is there anyway to contact you? Have a question and fed up of being on hold for an hour and you no… https://t.co/kVQPXCrDEm
on hold with DMV
about 1 hour ago
DMV know they can kiss my tail! On hold for a WHOLE HOUR just for a verification that took 2 minutes! #WhatsDoneIsDone #BackOnTheLegalSide
on hold with O2 Mobile
about 1 hour ago
Love waiting 1 hour 40 minutes on hold to try speak to @O2 😡😡 https://t.co/IySzDt0T7A
on hold with Wells Fargo
about 1 hour ago
@Ask_WellsFargo I'm still having an issue getting through to retirement services. Been on hold for 45 min, was conn… https://t.co/zzLFk3OZCc
on hold with BMW
about 1 hour ago
@BMW_UK @BMWGroup where to send my invoice for loss of money please? Been on hold for over an hour trying to resolve your breach of contract
on hold with Swiftcover
about 1 hour ago
Love being on hold with @swiftcover for over 45 minutes when all I want to do is find out where I stand in an insur… https://t.co/FHImC9dmC3
on hold with HMRC
about 2 hours ago
@HMRCgovuk been on hold for over 30 mins ... great work
on hold with Very.co.uk
about 2 hours ago
Quite possibly the worst customer service ever from @verynetwork Hung up on twice, put on hold for over ten minute… https://t.co/7lt8TSFPGS
on hold with Bank of America
about 2 hours ago
There’s no way all the phone lines are so busy i have to be on hold for 20 mins @BankofAmerica
on hold with Hastings Direct
about 3 hours ago
@HastingsDirect Been on hold for 45 minutes waiting to get through. Great stuff 👍🏻
on hold with British Gas
about 3 hours ago
@tpigden @BritishGasHelp Your CS has left me on hold for 15 minutes so far, for asking for a very simple sum to be… https://t.co/mB6s7w1xza
on hold with Hastings Direct
about 5 hours ago
@HastingsDirect DO NOT USE! 20 Minutes on hold to cancel a policy as you can’t do it via app, website or live chat.… https://t.co/Fnl6i8pgx6
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