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about 5 seconds ago
This how long I've been on hold with @USPS smh..... Even longer waiting for a reply online....… https://t.co/2KysTHRYuV
on hold with Direct TV
about 7 minutes ago
Been on hold with #customernoservice it makes me so mad when @DIRECTVService is just the worst that’s ever been… https://t.co/AU76ey6Ppp
on hold with Verizon
about 9 minutes ago
I just waited on hold for 20 minutes and got disconnected, called back and Verizon told me the “number you are tryi… https://t.co/zdcoqgwFH0
on hold with United Airlines
about 20 minutes ago
@united can somebody help me get home?? My flight #275 was cancelled due to mechanical issues and I’ve been on hold for 45 minutes...
on hold with TOMS
about 22 minutes ago
@TOMS @TOMS I ordered some shoes and email customer service twice about this and have been on hold for 10 minutes.… https://t.co/ubB8NCzwFB
on hold with Halifax Bank
about 27 minutes ago
@AskHalifaxBank Please call us or tweet us. Calls. On hold for 30+ mins. Tweets. Please call us! 😂 🤙
on hold with Sun Tan City
about 32 minutes ago
Sun Tan City put me on hold for 30 minutes and counting tryna get me to hang up. Currently on my way there and I’m… https://t.co/CZeFg3UgQe
on hold with Rogers
about 35 minutes ago
@RogersHelps Price of my services jumped. Two hours on hold in chat to cancel. transferred twice, no operator. tryi… https://t.co/ohPv6VmrKn
on hold with Capital One
about 42 minutes ago
Be been on hold with @AskCapitalOne for over 2 hours now. The robot has thanked me for holding like 250 times and t… https://t.co/g8nJ10cM06
on hold with UPS
about 47 minutes ago
@UPSHelp @UPS seriously?!?! I have been on hold for 55 minutes!!! I need help and I can't stay on hold forever - ju… https://t.co/sgICVZs6dM
on hold with Esurance
about 47 minutes ago
@esurance I tried switching to you guys, but you kept me on hold for 20 minutes, so now I'm with Progressive. Great job.
on hold with Pizza Hut
about 47 minutes ago
Hey, Pizza Hut, your pizza isn’t very good so don’t put me on hold for 10 minutes
on hold with Bed Bath & Beyond
about 58 minutes ago
@BedBathBeyond your delivery never arrived. Took off from work to be home for the 3 hr window. Been on hold for 20… https://t.co/yRCChU9H3t
on hold with Plusnet
about 1 hour ago
@Plusnet @plusnethelp - I give up! 1 hour 41 minutes on hold. Not a great start on day one of your fibre service. N… https://t.co/cnAlOrVfjw
on hold with AT&T
about 1 hour ago
@uverse It's ridiculous I have to wait on hold for over an hour (and counting--one hour and ten minutes to be exac… https://t.co/OGdnrPZz3d
on hold with Virgin Media
about 1 hour ago
@virginmedia I tried and you put me on hold for over 20 mins before i hung up
on hold with Starbucks
about 1 hour ago
I’ve been on hold with starbucks facilities for 20 minutes but they started to play Judah and the Lion so all is well now
on hold with IRS
about 1 hour ago
I was on hold with the irs for 20 minutes, someone answered and then hung up. I’m going to kms
about 1 hour ago
It’s 2012 I’m on hold with gsu admissions and in 285 traffic, life is good.
on hold with Target
about 1 hour ago
Really, Target? You're just going to keep me on hold for 10 minutes? Do you have LY: Tear version "O" or don't you?!!! @BTS_twt
on hold with Verizon
about 1 hour ago
Hey @verizon @VerizonSupport @verizonfios called a dozen times. Keep being put on hold for 50-120 minutes dawn, no… https://t.co/FbqGucZwiz
on hold with Virgin Media
about 1 hour ago
@virginmedia 15 minutes on hold to speak to useless customer services and 15 minutes on hold and counting to cancel… https://t.co/9XzmVl2BwZ
on hold with IRS
about 1 hour ago
I'm going to fall asleep on hold with the IRS. They're trying it!
on hold with Live Nation
about 1 hour ago
@LiveNation @LiveNationPhila I have an emergency change with a VIP package i've been on hold with the vip line for… https://t.co/MgIkP0ZCH3
on hold with Walmart
about 2 hours ago
Yo i hate walmarts customer service. i was on hold for 45 min for them to just hang up. walmart is so trash fuck im mad
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