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on hold with TAP
about 1 minute ago
Don't hang about waiting on hold with other taxi providers! Tap our app and give us a go! https://t.co/06Y683zNCF https://t.co/QW5h3G2PTv
on hold with iiNet
about 25 minutes ago
@iiNet @iiWaheeb Im currently on hold with your rep. In a first world country, a person shouldn’t have to do this… https://t.co/AhtcoMmZqr
on hold with Vodafone
about 27 minutes ago
Been on hold with @VodafoneUK for over an hour now! How can you be that busy!
on hold with Ticket Master
about 43 minutes ago
@TicketmasterCS I’ve been on the phone for like 15 minutes on hold, could y’all answer please? 😇
on hold with Very.co.uk
about 51 minutes ago
Wow @verynetwork been on hold for 15 minutes trying to sort this. No hold music is that normal? Live chat unavailab… https://t.co/Y8JtYENkIW
on hold with Air New Zealand
about 52 minutes ago
@FlyAirNZ any idea how long it’s going to be to answer your phone, just hit 2 hours on hold
on hold with Halifax Bank
about 1 hour ago
@AskHalifaxBank can I have an address to make a complaint please. Called three times and either left on hold for a… https://t.co/eG6kKvVkbg
on hold with Air New Zealand
about 2 hours ago
What’s better than spending an evening with your family on holiday? Spending over an hour on hold with @FlyAirNZ tr… https://t.co/RapFujz1Bk
@nrmainsurance hire some more call centre workers - forty minutes on hold so far
on hold with Pizza Hut
about 5 hours ago
on hold with Auckland Council
about 6 hours ago
25 minutes on hold to talk to @AklCouncil Well, that's my lunch break done and I never even got answered. #TopNotchService
on hold with Auckland Council
about 6 hours ago
25 minutes on hold to talk to @AklCouncil Well, that's my lunches done and never even got answered. #TopNotchService
on hold with Domino's
about 6 hours ago
@dominos I ordered over 2 hours ago and I’m still waiting for my order. I’ve been on hold with the store for over 1… https://t.co/WelAUxnXBG
on hold with Centrelink
about 7 hours ago
@politicsabc @abcnews @Centrelink Spending hours on hold is considered good service from Centrelink, normally you get an engaged signal
on hold with Delta Airlines
about 7 hours ago
I think hell is being on hold with @Delta
on hold with Delta Airlines
about 7 hours ago
@Delta And now I'm on hold for another 2 hours! After being on hold for 2 hours! That's ridiculous! Hoping you are more prompt on twitter. 😤
on hold with Telus
about 7 hours ago
@TELUSsupport ANSWER THE PHONE! JEEZUS CHRIST. 35 minutes on hold. Holy piss. https://t.co/INwfN8pjYH
on hold with Apple
about 7 hours ago
Come on, @Apple I do nothing but praise you and you repay me with macOS update issues and being on hold for 15 minu… https://t.co/Wb29441nwX
on hold with Kohls
about 7 hours ago
@Kohls I forgot to use my Kohl's rewards. Is there any way other than calling to add it to my account? I've been on hold for 25 minutes.
on hold with Apple
about 7 hours ago
My computer is doing some weird thing saying i have a virus I’m on hold with apple now everyone please cross your f… https://t.co/wbluCCvB4J
on hold with Verizon
about 8 hours ago
Been on hold with @VerizonSupport for 40 minutes. We just want internet, guys.
on hold with US Bank
about 8 hours ago
Really @usbank ? Someone hacks into MY account, makes fraudulent charges and I have to wait on hold for 15+ minutes… https://t.co/EZdSGZNInL
on hold with Rogers
about 8 hours ago
20 minutes, still on hold with @RogersHelps But I do keep hearing about a sign-up promo to get 50% of HBO Canada,… https://t.co/qVuMhEvUSr
on hold with Direct TV
about 8 hours ago
I'm on hold with @DIRECTV , because they suck. I think everyone that's having issues should bombard them with call… https://t.co/VssGLxmhRf
on hold with Aer Lingus
about 8 hours ago
@AerLingus Have been trying to use website for about 3 hours - isn’t working. Then on hold with “Customer Service”… https://t.co/yQexCH98Jz
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This site is powered by Fonolo and we want to be upfront about our motivations.

We feel that creating awareness of the “waiting-on-hold” problem will prompt companies to improve the calling experience by adding call-backs (technology that holds your place in line), the best alternative to waiting on hold!

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