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on hold with Ryanair
about 4 minutes ago
@Ryanair I have just been on hold for 40 mins to then receive a message to “this voicemail box is full and cannot t… https://t.co/EYZs0GHkYe
on hold with ScottishPower
about 4 minutes ago
Over 33 minutes on hold to @ScottishPower the call is answered the man swears about some issue with his phone and c… https://t.co/ryJM6snvLC
on hold with Telstra
about 6 minutes ago
@Telstra Am I alone with my frustrations and anger with @telstra Numerous hours on hold lodging complaints re sl… https://t.co/P0CRU1lBLu
on hold with Virgin Media
about 15 minutes ago
Plus another 45 mins on hold with @virginmedia and they hang up on you as you get throw! https://t.co/vJXYLCmQri
on hold with HMRC
about 23 minutes ago
@HannahAlOthman Nothing worse than having to phone HMRC. On hold for ages and having to deal with idiots once they pick up
on hold with Vodafone
about 27 minutes ago
@VodafoneUK Unfortunately thats part of the problem, we can’t get through on the number. We’ve spent hours on hold… https://t.co/WJEWDKM3t8
on hold with NatWest
about 29 minutes ago
@NatWest_Help On hold for over an hour. This is not acceptable! Reply to my message
on hold with EasyJet
about 30 minutes ago
Is anyone else being blatantly ignored by @easyJet I keep being on hold with them for days but now they always han… https://t.co/8eaYYcHbok
on hold with Endsleigh
about 36 minutes ago
@Endsleigh Hi, I've been on hold for over 45 minutes, spoken to 2 different people and then it's cut out. All I wan… https://t.co/8IuOpIvCPZ
about 37 minutes ago
@KarlSmith773 @VirginActiveUK Karl, fyi, I stayed on hold with them as this DM thing was getting me nowhere. They f… https://t.co/fdf6xP8gVN
on hold with Virgin Media
about 44 minutes ago
@virginmedia been on hold for a very long time, need to make sure my account is closed. Paid the remaining balance… https://t.co/J32cqQWfHv
on hold with Virgin Holidays
about 44 minutes ago
3 months waiting for a call from @VirginHolidays just been on hold for 50 minutes to be told they’ll contact us bac… https://t.co/3NJUgAwchk
on hold with Virgin Holidays
about 47 minutes ago
3 months waiting for a call from @VirginHolidays just been on hold for 50 minutes to be told they’ll contact us bac… https://t.co/YnPlirIzBz
on hold with EasyJet
about 54 minutes ago
1 hour 40 mins (& counting) spent on hold with @easyJet not exactly how I imagined my Monday morning... 🤬
about 56 minutes ago
@VirginActiveUK absolutely ridiculous - still holding for over an hour. Make it more convenient for your clients -… https://t.co/wvE371cPC0
on hold with Ryanair
about 57 minutes ago
@Ryanair I have been attempting to contact you for the last two days. On hold for hours and then get cut off as wel… https://t.co/GUkbchCKKD
on hold with Emirates
about 1 hour ago
45 minutes on hold to one of the numbers @EmiratesSupport @emirates #emiratesholsuk following a previous 31 minutes… https://t.co/HmF8lzTVZS
on hold with Barclays
about 1 hour ago
@BarclaysUKHelp I'm a Barclays customer who's spent 13 hours on hold trying to get through to the business banking… https://t.co/YUNvZFCgPR
on hold with Expedia
about 1 hour ago
@Expedia how do you speak with someone directly? I was on hold for an hour and 45 minutes and had to hang up. Can… https://t.co/PT2l1d9yyP
on hold with O2 Mobile
about 1 hour ago
@O2 I have done. I was on hold for an hour and a half, got through and your call centre hung up on me, not impressed...
on hold with Virgin Media
about 1 hour ago
@virginmedia Finally got through to the rep to tell them I wanted to leave (20 minutes on hold). Nice lady, she con… https://t.co/8ngx65d57a
on hold with Telkom
about 1 hour ago
Twenty three minutes on hold with Telkom, they answer then immediately disconnect the call. My third time calling f… https://t.co/BMMtJw70Cr
on hold with Mercedes
about 1 hour ago
Been on hold with the Mercedes garage for over 15 minutes... are they also socially distancing from their phones?
on hold with Mamas & Papas
about 1 hour ago
@mamasandpapas are your customer service lines open or just ringing out? Called 3 times and on hold for 40 mins...
on hold with Ryanair
about 1 hour ago
@Ryanair how to contact you ? I have a problem with a flight change, and your french number is puttin me on hold for 20 minutes so far...
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We feel that creating awareness of the “waiting-on-hold” problem will prompt companies to improve the calling experience by adding call-backs (technology that holds your place in line), the best alternative to waiting on hold!

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