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on hold with Comcast
about 1 minute ago
I fixed my own network while on hold with @comcast and when I jokingly said "Hey maybe it was something you guys di… https://t.co/TGSwguMyWm
on hold with Redbox
about 11 minutes ago
@redbox one of your customer service representatives just called me a liar. I've been on hold for 30 minutes waiting to speak to a manager
on hold with Experian
about 12 minutes ago
Called @Experian to manage credit monitoring account. Initially called to get account access. After 90 minutes on hold now hoping to cancel.
on hold with Delta Airlines
about 12 minutes ago
Nice, @Delta cancelled my upcoming flight. So I waited on hold for almost an hour, then rep hangs up on me. Starting over...on hold <sigh>
on hold with Experian
about 14 minutes ago
Was just waiting on hold with @Experian_US for over an hour. Then either the call dropped or I was hung up on.
on hold with Amazon
about 15 minutes ago
amazon customer service: for a moment, do you mind if i put you on hold for a brief moment again during this moment? https://t.co/L7yJnaYdu0
on hold with Capital One
about 19 minutes ago
been on hold with @CapitalOne for 32 minutes now, guess thats what happens when you ask to talk to someone in charge
on hold with Shopify
about 29 minutes ago
@moonlightmiyah @skatemaloley And Shopify hasn’t answered me yet I’ve been on hold for 10 min
on hold with Samsung
about 37 minutes ago
I've been on hold for 30 min now waiting to talk with Samsung and I'm staring to think they're not gonna answer https://t.co/3Xz3WjLhG9
on hold with Verizon
about 37 minutes ago
Hey @verizonfios we have been sent 2 diff bills w/ 2 different amounts, go to call, be told wait time is 11 min & been holding for an 1hr+
about 38 minutes ago
Been on hold with @USPS for over an hour now because they lost my package
on hold with PayPal
about 38 minutes ago
Been on hold with @PayPal for an hour now. I'm not giving up.
on hold with Compass Bank
about 47 minutes ago
@BBVACompass after being on hold for 15 min I get hung up on! #horriblecustomerservice #wtf #redic
on hold with Torrid
about 52 minutes ago
@TorridFashion y’all should really have more than 1 song playing for when you keep people on hold for 40+ minutes 😒 #addittothelist
on hold with Expedia
about 1 hour ago
Oh, those US companies! Expedia has put me on hold for an hour to change my flight. Got through in a minute when I was buying & paying.
on hold with Disney
about 1 hour ago
@WaltDisneyWorld our vacation experience has been the worst of my life. And when i tried to call o got put on hold for 30 minutes..
on hold with British Airways
about 1 hour ago
@British_Airways after having to be on 3 different customer service calls and being on hold for a total of 4 HOURS they refused to help
on hold with Halifax Bank
about 1 hour ago
@AskHalifaxBank are the fraud teams still available? As I've been on hold for almost 30mins and it's a matter of urgency.
on hold with Bank of America
about 1 hour ago
I’ve been on hold for 50 minutes with @BankofAmerica send help
on hold with Bell
about 1 hour ago
@Bell_Support could y'all help me out? This is my second day on hold with tech support for over 40 minutes.
on hold with Shopify
about 1 hour ago
@ShopifySupport @shopify I've been on hold for 45 minutes, then intro phone message came on, and my queue position is reset. WTF?! Assholes.
on hold with Seamless
about 1 hour ago
@TaskRabbitHelp on hold with customer service but it's not been a seamless process for myself or coworker prepping… https://t.co/XRETKjwILT
on hold with Rogers
about 1 hour ago
@RogersHelps I was just on hold with Sam at business account 40 minutes couldn’t resend signal to adapter asked for… https://t.co/3SsrpbPb88
on hold with Shopify
about 1 hour ago
@ShopifySupport @Shopify Hire more support people. I've been on hold for 45 freaking minutes. Wasting my time.
on hold with H&M
about 1 hour ago
I am currently on hold with @hm for almost 35minutes. #Ridiculous all I want to do is check if something is available at another store
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