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on hold with DPD
about 1 minute ago
@DPD_UK now waiting for 31 minutes on hold. So angry. DPD=don't parcel deliver #dontdoparceldelivery
on hold with ScottishPower
about 13 minutes ago
Dear @ScottishPower No I won't be paying an extra £130/month. 30 minutes on hold so far...... will be leaving soon if not sorted.
on hold with Virgin Media
about 22 minutes ago
@virginmedia @mihir4 Yes but you will be put on hold for 45 minutes with no resolution trust me
on hold with Hastings Direct
about 33 minutes ago
@HastingsDirect how do I cancel my renewal policy? I have just been on hold for 15 minutes when trying to call.
on hold with Anglian Water
about 36 minutes ago
@AnglianWater we've no water in North Greetwell, Lincoln. Trying to ring but on hold for 15 mins so far!!
on hold with DPD
about 38 minutes ago
@DPD_UK attempted delivery to me today.... no calling card, no one hour window, no parcel. Been on hold for 50 mins to call centre. Come on!
on hold with Virgin Media
about 45 minutes ago
@virginmedia anyway some can call me waiting 6 weeks for my broadband and no response and then on hold for 25 mins is a disgrace
about 49 minutes ago
Please have someone get in touch: no skyq signal, support experience terrible- put on hold for 25 mins then call was @skyuk @skyhelpteam
on hold with DPD
about 1 hour ago
@DPD_UK we have been on hold for 20 mins! This is pathetic
on hold with American Express
about 1 hour ago
@AskAmex awful service. On hold for 40 mins to sort out cards that have both been suspended for no reason for the second time this month.
on hold with Wells Fargo
about 1 hour ago
Wells Fargo is about to cost me Yeezys... fools have me on hold for almost 30 minutes now -_-
on hold with British Telecom
about 1 hour ago
Fantastic from @bt_uk , call to explain broadband isn't working AGAIN. Don't listen to problem. On hold for 30 mins. Then cut off. Bye.
on hold with Air New Zealand
about 2 hours ago
@FlyAirNZ - 40 minutes on hold to call centre, no response. No reply to five emails. No refund, no service. Totally embarrassing...
on hold with St. George Bank
about 2 hours ago
@StGeorgeBank On hold for 45 mins then told to ring back Mon morning lazy financially illiterate employees
on hold with Bank South Australia
about 2 hours ago
37 minutes on hold to get hung up on. Thanks for nothing @BankSA you'd better not take 37 to get me back on and I'd better get what I need 😠
on hold with Centrelink
about 2 hours ago
Ancient Skeleton Found Frozen In Ice Reportedly On Hold With Centrelink https://t.co/7Xv35T5l9T https://t.co/I4U2JcPD75
on hold with Papa John's
about 3 hours ago
When you have been on hold for over a half an hour, and still no answer @PapaJohns #greatservice https://t.co/7F7G5a6GqE
on hold with PayPal
about 4 hours ago
Am so over @PayPal crap service, crap APIs, evrythng. 3 hour wait for support call, then put me on hold for 15 more. I hung up. Bye.
on hold with Pizza Hut
about 4 hours ago
Never gnna order pizza at pizza Hut again !! they put me on hold for 25 mins!! @pizzahut
on hold with Event Cinemas
about 5 hours ago
So apparently 12 mins is max you can be on hold with @event_cinemas George St after that they hang up. I tried them at 10am and same thing
on hold with Chase Bank
about 6 hours ago
@ChaseSupport @Chase Opened my account 2 days ago. WORST EXPERIENCE! On hold for over 15min, still on hold. Need manager to contact me ASAP
on hold with Domino's
about 6 hours ago
@dominos I've also been on hold for 10 minutes.
on hold with Telus
about 7 hours ago
@TELUSsupport no I did not. Waited on hold for an hour, 1 hr on chat too
on hold with PayPal
about 7 hours ago
@AskPayPal now on hold for 45 minutes
on hold with Verizon
about 7 hours ago
I was on hold for over an hour only to be hung up on. @VerizonSupport is this your standard operating procedure? Still no fix for my issue.
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