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on hold with Bank of America
about 8 seconds ago
@BankofAmerica your customer service department is horrible, after being on hold for over a hour I got nowhere. I a… https://t.co/TE9qoVS1CF
on hold with Bank of America
about 4 minutes ago
@BankofAmerica I’ve been on hold for 25 minutes now to discuss a credit card dispute that your team has messed up.… https://t.co/V6r94oSVcx
on hold with IRS
about 8 minutes ago
while im on "hold" with the IRS, I will show ya a doodle which can start or help your art work... or just pass some… https://t.co/2gZJPnvqFA
on hold with CVS Pharmacy
about 9 minutes ago
nothing like being on hold with @cvspharmacy for nearly a hour to get a prescription filled only to find out the in… https://t.co/tNRcUEASU3
about 11 minutes ago
@USPSHelp been on hold for an hour and a half because of a mistake USPS made
about 13 minutes ago
@USPS been on hold for an hour and a half because of a delivery mistake you guys made
about 22 minutes ago
@PGE4Me wow over 83 minutes on hold - and then i get sent back to the same loop. #PGE
on hold with Comcast
about 26 minutes ago
@Casieg @comcastcares I spent 6 hours on hold and $20 on domains to win my standoff with them back when they called… https://t.co/Rvzd3n22JO
on hold with Virgin Media
about 26 minutes ago
@virginmedia on hold for over 40 mins tonight trying to reach customer relations, can someone help me with my probl… https://t.co/7Mqpg1FQhX
on hold with Seagate
about 28 minutes ago
@AskSeagate @Seagate 25 minutes on hold - is that normal???
about 37 minutes ago
UNLV financial aid office hung up on me TWICE after being on hold for an hour BOTH times. 🤗
on hold with PayPal
about 59 minutes ago
after getting hung up on by the first @PayPal representative, ive been on hold with the second one for 40 minutes >_______<
on hold with Sage
about 1 hour ago
Thank you and Much Love to everyone who is holding with your love and prayers for Sage Everest Enos us all during t… https://t.co/ImwBoZdJc7
on hold with Wells Fargo
about 1 hour ago
I can predict the future!! At least when it comes to being on hold with @WellsFargo and told, "Oh, I am going to h… https://t.co/4MnpwHd0sa
on hold with Verizon
about 1 hour ago
@verizonfios Been Waiting on hold for 30 mins to downgrade to internet only. This is making me consider getting rid… https://t.co/fENAQD8Uuz
on hold with Expedia
about 1 hour ago
Dear @Expedia I have been on hold for 20 minutes while your staffer tries to make a flight change for me on an alr… https://t.co/XV8fSVCRPw
on hold with ADT Security Services
about 1 hour ago
@ADT Oh I’m on hold with them RIGHT NOW after they called to reschedule a SECOND TIME in two weeks. They are coming… https://t.co/qqigeVWkiY
on hold with Scotiabank
about 1 hour ago
@scotiabank I have been on hold for 20 minutes please help me
on hold with Amazon
about 1 hour ago
@amazon delivered my package to an old address. I’ve been on hold for 40 minutes and counting and been transferre… https://t.co/juO74wNiZx
on hold with Macy's
about 1 hour ago
I was on hold with @Macys for over an hour with customer service and was hung up on after I was put on mute fucken assholes
on hold with Koodo
about 1 hour ago
@koodo - I've been on hold with your customer service department for over 40 minutes
about 1 hour ago
hour 2 on hold with @USPS I don’t remember what other music sounds like. this hold music is all I know now.
about 2 hours ago
I really was on the phone with @USPS for over 2 hours over the span on two calls and on hold for an hour and a half… https://t.co/XePvdsvfdH
on hold with United Airlines
about 2 hours ago
@united We've been on hold for about 53 minutes, are we being ghosted?
about 2 hours ago
Wow! My SIL has been on hold for 40 mins to speak to a person @USPS . You can’t talk to your local PO anymore so hi… https://t.co/bXzJDFD95B
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This site is powered by Fonolo and we want to be upfront about our motivations.

We feel that creating awareness of the “waiting-on-hold” problem will prompt companies to improve the calling experience by adding call-backs (technology that holds your place in line), the best alternative to waiting on hold!

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