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on hold with IRS
about 2 minutes ago
The IRS put a lot of peoples unemployment on hold.. with that being said they better pay me my back pay before they… https://t.co/9Db67Ylkem
about 3 minutes ago
@TXWorkforce on hold for 5 hrs just for you all to hang up while trying for 9 months
on hold with Apple
about 6 minutes ago
@InfernalWound @Apple It depends on the audio source but they consistently kill me if I’m on hold with loud music o… https://t.co/zg4ESmqDZ4
about 6 minutes ago
@PenFed been on hold for over 20!!! Minutes to reorder checks! Really??
on hold with Wells Fargo
about 7 minutes ago
@WellsFargo Does anyone answer the student loan support number? I’ve been on hold for 45+ minutes listening to the music waiting.
on hold with Bed Bath & Beyond
about 10 minutes ago
@BedBathBeyond why have I been on hold with customer service for 30 min?
on hold with British Telecom
about 13 minutes ago
Who loves being on hold for 40 minutes, trying to leave BT https://t.co/X48WKZyIjL
on hold with Caribbean Airlines
about 15 minutes ago
Caribbean Airlines does get paid if ya on hold for a long time? Cause this don’t make sense 🥴
on hold with H&R Block
about 18 minutes ago
@HRBlock @HRBlockAnswers I have been trying to reach someone for TWO WEEKS. Calling and waiting on hold for HOURS t… https://t.co/xZjv62KmHF
on hold with HMRC
about 19 minutes ago
@HMRCgovuk I’ve called you guys twice today and been on hold for a grand total of 87 mins and been hung up on twice… https://t.co/VK284CFpmf
on hold with HSBC
about 19 minutes ago
Was on hold with hsbc for 30 mins and then I accidentally hung up :) fuck my life
on hold with Walmart
about 21 minutes ago
Almost an hour on hold with @Walmart customer service. I have decided that my time is worth more than the $30 I am… https://t.co/KFh7ijpIIE
about 21 minutes ago
@misscinderellac @CA_EDD Are you being on hold now? I am currently on hold for 40 min already...
on hold with Virgin Media
about 24 minutes ago
@virginmedia Or how about you just call me back like you said you would so I’m not on hold for an hour and a half again
on hold with HMRC
about 27 minutes ago
On hold with @HMRCgovuk for 45 mins only for someone to answer and then hang up on me....
on hold with Wells Fargo
about 31 minutes ago
Been on hold with Wells Fargo for almost 2 hours. I hate my lifeeeee.
about 32 minutes ago
How Sky can get away with leaving you on HOLD for an hour is beyond me, hope your all having a nice training day ya little cunts
on hold with PayPal
about 33 minutes ago
@anon_comedienne @AskPayPal I was once on hold for 5 hours with PayPal
about 36 minutes ago
@KLM is everything going okay? been on hold for a couple of days. I’m trying to see something. Send help 🙏🏾
on hold with AT&T
about 38 minutes ago
i’m jacking off while i’m on hold with at&t.... I can’t make this up
on hold with MetLife
about 40 minutes ago
@MetLife been on hold for over an hour while trying to get an error created by a MetLife rep, corrected on my accou… https://t.co/SZMzLLxIQB
on hold with O2 Mobile
about 44 minutes ago
@O2 I just stay on hold for ages and 3 x I been cut off after it goes through can I not give you a number via Dm and someone call me pls
on hold with Netflix
about 45 minutes ago
@mariocosentino7 @ItsSamG Netflix is on hold with the return of #BattleofOntario
on hold with Fidelity
about 46 minutes ago
Terrible service @Fidelity 1 hour and 16 minutes on hold on a time sensitive critical issue! I’ve been trying to… https://t.co/cipFdMewYL
on hold with IRS
about 47 minutes ago
On hold with the IRS to find out what address they have on file for me because I have yet to see my mailed (for wha… https://t.co/WRloJKr5KK
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