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on hold with PNC Bank
about 6 minutes ago
@PNCBank_Help Hey MC. I was. After 33 minutes. Thirty-three. It's hard to be efficient when you are on hold for more than half an hour.
about 10 minutes ago
Cmon @SkyHelpTeam I've been on hold for 30 minutes now just to try and get to a help person. Any better chance of getting a faster response?
on hold with Direct TV
about 16 minutes ago
@DIRECTV are you guys working today? I've been on hold for 35 minutes to ask about an appointment that you guys no-showed on yesterday.
on hold with LifeLock
about 32 minutes ago
@LifeLock on hold for 50 minutes. Line went dead. Filed support ticket 2 days ago. No response yet. Trying to get in touch.
about 33 minutes ago
@SkyHelpTeam Waiting on the phone for 40 minutes, spoke to an agent then put on hold for another 20 minutes. Still on hold. Outrageous!
on hold with Samsung
about 33 minutes ago
Spent 3 hours on hold with @SamsungSupport because the new @Samsung360Gear that came for free with my @SamsungMobile @SamsungMobileUS
on hold with IRS
about 33 minutes ago
Been on hold with the @IRStaxpros for 57 mins... My lunch break is over, I'm unable to access my info online, and can't get help over the ๐Ÿ“ž.
about 34 minutes ago
49 minutes on hold @SkyUK @SkyHelpTeam ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก
on hold with British Gas
about 37 minutes ago
Been on hold for ages with @BritishGas and then they cut me off before speaking. Really is the crappest service around.
on hold with Spark Energy
about 40 minutes ago
@SparkEnergyUK Just a shame you can't answer a telephone after me being on hold for 45 minutes
about 41 minutes ago
@SkyHelpTeam on hold for 30 mins! useless sky even have a message saying calls answered in around 10 mins!
about 45 minutes ago
@Talk2Windstream Have tried Support once already, didn't get an answer, was on hold for more then 10 minutes, but I'll try again
on hold with Chicago Mayors Office
about 45 minutes ago
@ChicagosMayor I was on hold with your office for over 12 minutes and was disconnected after asking my question...
on hold with Sallie Mae
about 46 minutes ago
Been on hold with @SallieMae for 30 minutes now
on hold with SaskPower
about 52 minutes ago
Small biz frustration: @SaskPower in-person payment office closing, online payment not working all wknd, & then being on hold for 40 mins
on hold with IRS
about 56 minutes ago
kind of jealous the criminal justice clinic is watching police bodycam vids while we are on hold with the irs
on hold with Virgin Media
about 57 minutes ago
@virginmedia I was promised a manager would phone me back after being on hold for 20minutes.im still waiting!!
about 57 minutes ago
@TXWorkforce Daughter's colleague from @unitehere23 Has been on hold with you for 2 hours trying to help #GetReal https://t.co/OddcHhX2iW
on hold with British Airways
about 1 hour ago
@British_Airways Im exhausted of waiting on hold for 20 mins and have no one attend my call. Does BA not need my custom?
on hold with Halifax Bank
about 1 hour ago
@AskHalifaxBank are mortgages open til 8pm ? have been on hold for a long time now
about 1 hour ago
@SkyHelpTeam I have called and spent hours on hold, I have tried FB messenger and been repeatedly ignored, dm'd on twitter - ignored!!!
on hold with Chase Bank
about 1 hour ago
@Chase I'm 5 hours on-hold into trying to get a refund from your LHRC program for their mistake. When does bad customer svc. become fraud?
about 1 hour ago
@SkyHelpTeam Hello been on hold for over an hour today, please could you respond to my calls.
on hold with Ticket Master
about 1 hour ago
ticket master is gonna catch these fucking hands I was on hold for 30 minutes and then got hung up on haha
on hold with Equifax
about 1 hour ago
@Equifax HELP! On hold for over 1 hour 30 minutes...transferred twice. No end in sight. #equifaxbreach https://t.co/572DAnPZqv
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