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about 6 minutes ago
@USAA_help I want answers why am I on hold for hours?!!!
on hold with IRS
about 8 minutes ago
@katieburger89 Same here. I was on hold with the IRS yesterday for an hour. It was as useless and cold as celebrati… https://t.co/oOcIA93cTi
about 17 minutes ago
i’ve been on hold with student finance england for a hour and a half literally all i want to do is cancel my loan why
on hold with IRS
about 21 minutes ago
@MartinHeinrich Why am I on hold with the IRS for an hour to clear up a mistake they made? Fix this Shit!
on hold with Air Transat
about 31 minutes ago
2 hours on hold now @airtransat just to make a change in my reservation. I mean, this is unacceptable!
on hold with IRS
about 32 minutes ago
Been on hold with the IRS since 8am
on hold with Visa
about 42 minutes ago
@VisaCA I’ve been on hold for a fraud specialist for over 25 mins? Is this how little you respect my time and care about fraud?
on hold with CVS Pharmacy
about 42 minutes ago
the salem cvs pharmacy and i are about to square up i’ve been on hold for over 20 minutes
about 43 minutes ago
@ATGTICKETS I just spent 52 minutes on hold only to be cut off trying to get a refund for circa £50 that I spent la… https://t.co/pyPwzphxMr
about 43 minutes ago
@ATGTICKETS please answer your phones, several calls cut off and on hold for over an hour till I ended the call, do… https://t.co/mm89yXcetB
on hold with Barnes & Noble
about 47 minutes ago
Gonna need @BNBuzz to fix their customer service number ASAP. On hold for over an hour and haven’t even spoken to s… https://t.co/pJ0oXnaDCL
about 47 minutes ago
@USAA_help On hold with USAA claims. Nearly a month since I dropped off my truck and USAA has not assigned an adjus… https://t.co/Z2naqcWfUT
on hold with CIBC
about 51 minutes ago
@cibc On hold for 45 mins only to be disconnected and not get a call back?
on hold with UPS
about 52 minutes ago
@STXRBOY999 i don't think he need to prove anyone anything. he been holding with us in ups and downs. If this was p… https://t.co/txZmkIBiJC
on hold with Delta Airlines
about 54 minutes ago
@Delta I am begging you guys to answer me. I’ve been on hold for hours, attempted to reach a representative via bus… https://t.co/pXC0Hbi9Lp
on hold with DMV
about 55 minutes ago
Spent a half hour on hold with the dmv about license plates. Dirty son of a bitch. 😒
on hold with Walgreens
about 1 hour ago
bro I been on hold with Walgreens for 30 goddamn minutes what the fuck I just want my inhaler I can’t mf breathe
on hold with Verizon
about 1 hour ago
@kentcdodds Remix course?! New website?! I’m stuck on hold with Verizon and can’t listen 😭
on hold with AT&T
about 1 hour ago
@ATT I waited on hold for 30 minutes, the person wasn’t happy at my problem of no service outdoors on my apps. Rep… https://t.co/Ju2jpqCn5D
on hold with Cogeco
about 1 hour ago
i've now been on hold for 15 min 30 sec to cancel my phone service with @cogeco the webpage makes it much easier to… https://t.co/5pBQHNYSRq
about 1 hour ago
@VirginActiveUK hi, is it possible to get a call back from sales? I've just been on hold for 40 mins and then the line disconnected? Thanks
on hold with Parcelforce
about 1 hour ago
@parcelforce Where’s my parcel?? Tracking has now gone down too! Have been on hold for 15 minutes waiting for one o… https://t.co/JiC49QMLK9
on hold with Parcelforce
about 1 hour ago
Hey @parcelforce - is calling customer service the only way to rearrange a collection? Ive been on hold for 15 mins… https://t.co/p4lNMqKJ5m
on hold with CVS Pharmacy
about 1 hour ago
@cvspharmacy I called the Natick store, was on hold for 25 minutes for the pharmacy. Not even a brief apology when… https://t.co/nVYU4Hh9od
on hold with WestJet
about 1 hour ago
Hey Twitter can you help me get at @WestJet s attention. 3.5 hours on hold so far trying to get someone in group… https://t.co/UYAOGyA010
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