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on hold with O2 Mobile
about 1 minute ago
@O2 damn... You just messed up... Not wise to leave my Mrs on hold for 30 mins and bouncing round 4 different depar… https://t.co/j0NHZeG4kM
on hold with Purolator
about 2 minutes ago
@PurolatorHelp trying to schedule a switchhealth pick up. I’ve been on hold for hours. Can you help?
on hold with Disney
about 10 minutes ago
Wait... why have I been on hold with @WaltDisneyWorld for 1 hour for the last 3 days? What’s happening? Also, the l… https://t.co/P4HJktyNja
on hold with Southwest Airlines
about 15 minutes ago
@SouthwestAir 90 minutes on hold...
on hold with Southwest Airlines
about 32 minutes ago
@SouthwestAir can someone please contact me? I tried calling the help line but was left on hold for 45 minutes & I’… https://t.co/A2JY3nT0MV
on hold with Southwest Airlines
about 33 minutes ago
@SouthwestAir I created a Twitter just to contact you. I have been on hold for over an hour. You cancelled my frie… https://t.co/ooFB4sF6Rx
on hold with Expedia
about 34 minutes ago
@Expedia ive been on hold for 56 minutes and the prompt said a 2 minute wait time....
on hold with Ikea
about 40 minutes ago
@IKEAUSAHelp please help. On hold for over 30 minutes regarding delivery order that was placed 3/20 and charged, ye… https://t.co/UZ9A8EHklc
on hold with Southwest Airlines
about 50 minutes ago
On hold for an hour, still nothing @SouthwestAir
about 53 minutes ago
@cityoftoronto @MY_KINDA_SEX_ED 4 times I’ve called , been on hold for over an hour and a half only to find out I d… https://t.co/OHvQhZ33ST
on hold with JetBlue Airways
about 54 minutes ago
been on hold with @JetBlue for over 2 hours with no assistance. #greatcustomerservice https://t.co/TS9cDrK3aH
on hold with Disney
about 55 minutes ago
Spending my Sunday morning on hold with @WaltDisneyWorld in hopes of fixing a botched park reservation. 20 minutes… https://t.co/Z6lpwZBo1y
about 1 hour ago
@SF_England I need to talk to someone, i'm on hold for hours and need to sort out. Can someone message me.
on hold with Amazon
about 1 hour ago
@AmazonHelp Apparently there is longer than normal wait times, i may be on hold for a while
on hold with Frontier Airlines
about 1 hour ago
Terrible customer experience today with @FlyFrontier today. 46 minutes on hold and NO resolution. #disappointed https://t.co/NmxxVWcTcy
on hold with Verizon
about 2 hours ago
@Bumble6671 That is my pet peeve!! Were you able to connect with them? I was on hold with Verizon for 17 minutes yesterday
on hold with Delta Airlines
about 2 hours ago
Been on hold with Delta since yesterday at 4pm, so if there was ever a first-world problem....
on hold with British Telecom
about 4 hours ago
@bt_uk It took a few hours on hold and I had to go back and forth between 4+ people but it's (hopefully) sorted. Thanks for checking.
on hold with Ticketek
about 5 hours ago
@dburner996 @Portreath44 Apparently he’s on hold with Ticketek right now, front row, half way, GF here he comes.
on hold with Allied Irish Banks
about 5 hours ago
@AskAIB Yeah I was on hold for 20 mins before I tweeted yee. Still on hold but the app seems to have started workin… https://t.co/Qx0PujMK3F
about 7 hours ago
@CitImmCanada Please give us answers. My file is on hold for almost 1 and half year. It's more than enough. I feel… https://t.co/S94j7IIWre
on hold with American Airlines
about 7 hours ago
@AmericanAir On hold for over an hour with the AAdvantage line to add a pet in cargo (with all the proper documenta… https://t.co/stnYpZ6qZX
on hold with Avis
about 7 hours ago
hey @Avis ive been waiting 6 hours now for someone to pick me up and been on hold with dispatch for over an hour. please help 😐
on hold with Gov.uk
about 8 hours ago
@diab_doctor @GOVUK @DHSCgovuk I was on hold with CTM yesterday trying to book a test - no answer from them, will try again today
on hold with Target
about 9 hours ago
@Shekhawat_1002 #bodal already holding with 27% profit and my long term target is minimum 2-3x and short term 150.… https://t.co/j2yEkHz4vX
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We feel that creating awareness of the “waiting-on-hold” problem will prompt companies to improve the calling experience by adding call-backs (technology that holds your place in line), the best alternative to waiting on hold!

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