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on hold with Ally Financial
about 2 minutes ago
just wasted the last TWO HOURS of my life being transferred back and forth and on hold with @Ally to unlock my debi… https://t.co/XDQPmPSq6K
on hold with Air Canada
about 3 minutes ago
@AirCanada I've tried calling but no answer, on hold for almost 2 hours - is it possible to pay for baggage in adva… https://t.co/0Uto3Ln4xC
on hold with Virgin Media
about 7 minutes ago
@virginmedia new customer hear on hold for 30 mins plus! Signed up to false promised advertising! https://t.co/BdARymtUHL
on hold with McDonald's
about 10 minutes ago
@Beauty4Moms @Ringsidecenter @McDonalds Honestly. After 45 mins on hold with corporate and they hang up on you ?… https://t.co/0p2ASBLWoA
on hold with WestJet
about 15 minutes ago
@WestJet waiting 2 hours on hold to talk to someone about missing luggage is ridiculous! My fathers heart meds are… https://t.co/U2pGKwG3c8
on hold with RCN
about 18 minutes ago
I'm sure there was something I needed to do today, but after being on hold with @RCNconnects and their 20 second lo… https://t.co/EQqAsabgye
on hold with Nespresso
about 19 minutes ago
@NespressoUSA Was on hold for 40 min trying to get nespresso pods recycling bags. When you're trying to environment… https://t.co/yzITTv0ySM
on hold with AT&T
about 22 minutes ago
On hold with AT&T to move the historical society's archives' internet/phone service from the old location to the ne… https://t.co/w2nzCrstK0
on hold with ScottishPower
about 23 minutes ago
Over 40 minutes on hold to @ScottishPower to give meter readings is a bloody disgrace, I want to go home????
on hold with Chase Bank
about 24 minutes ago
@ChaseSupport after being eft on hold for 15 minutes the brainiac who was helping us transferred us to a totally in… https://t.co/6Kw85A9XlE
on hold with Target
about 31 minutes ago
On hold with Target's red card help line and they're playing "So Sick" by Ne-Yo and it's weirding me out.
on hold with Hughesnet
about 36 minutes ago
@HughesNet @AskHughes @HughesNet @PradmanKaul I’ve been on hold for hours. My parents have no internet and have been paying since April !
on hold with Bank of America
about 46 minutes ago
@BofA_Help 40 minutes on hold and he puts me on HOLD!!
on hold with CenturyLink
about 51 minutes ago
@CenturyLinkHelp on hold for more than 25 minutes. WTF CL? https://t.co/jIdo2UMYXa
on hold with United Airlines
about 53 minutes ago
approaching the 90 minute mark on hold with @United May the lord embrace mine weary soul.
on hold with Albertsons
about 55 minutes ago
@Albertsons .your fresh pass customer service needs improvement spent 57 minutes on hold to cancel membership becau… https://t.co/abVl8OmppG
on hold with General Electric
about 55 minutes ago
@ScotiabankHelps you freeze my account because of fraud, so I call and you put me on hold for 45 mins and than I ge… https://t.co/1SXjKBg6RP
about 57 minutes ago
@MyFLFamilies anybody going to pick up the phone? On hold for over an hour for something YALL fucked up!
on hold with MasterCard
about 58 minutes ago
@Mastercard did you know after 1 hour and 26 minutes on hold the music stops, at first you think it's your turn to… https://t.co/elp7hRirte
on hold with Discover
about 1 hour ago
@Discover I’ve been on hold with your bank division for 2 and 1/2 hours concerning a fraud issue. I get it that sh… https://t.co/DBtNSAVTao
on hold with Maytag
about 1 hour ago
@Maytag how’s it possible that after holding For an agent at least an hour, the customer Is told another 11 minutes… https://t.co/MluYkukiwt
on hold with Air Canada
about 1 hour ago
@AirCanada Appreciate that you’re all busy, but on hold for an hour and a half, no assistance 😞
on hold with Air France
about 1 hour ago
@airfrance on hold for almost an hour. I think you need more customer service or retrain employees how to answer the phones!
on hold with American Airlines
about 1 hour ago
@AmericanAir after 15+ hours on hold, filling out forms, emails American gave us a $100 airline credit for LOSING o… https://t.co/S9BmNtvybL
on hold with CenturyLink
about 1 hour ago
@CenturyLinkHelp @kryptojamus Agree. Horrible service here. Called 4 days now and spend 4 hours on hold to thier a… https://t.co/wM3Nvq9fU6
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We feel that creating awareness of the “waiting-on-hold” problem will prompt companies to improve the calling experience by adding call-backs (technology that holds your place in line), the best alternative to waiting on hold!

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