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on hold with Southwest Airlines
about 8 minutes ago
@SouthwestAir been on hold for 15 mins trying to get a new flight. I was up at 430am, at airport at 6am for a 7.20a… https://t.co/vb7ie9NXiZ
on hold with Rogers
about 39 minutes ago
@Rogers where is my ignite service and why the heck am I waiting on hold for over 39 minutes???
on hold with Lowe's
about 40 minutes ago
The longer I wait on hold with @Lowes (while my husband waits for our delivery at our house), the more powerful th… https://t.co/LxsKwtyqM0
on hold with e*Trade
about 42 minutes ago
✅Basic To Advanced Technical analysis course ✅सीखो और खुद का Trade खुद Karo ! 🎯 One month Hand holding With Men… https://t.co/VeQRD4tPp0
on hold with Halifax Bank
about 47 minutes ago
Apparently it’s going to take 40 minutes on hold to @HalifaxBank to add my card to Apple Pay. Yet another thing tha… https://t.co/ha1BY7kEAK
about 1 hour ago
@usps the real irony here is the fact I just spent two hours on hold listening to basically one long advertisement… https://t.co/VdmjfxIsd2
on hold with Geico
about 1 hour ago
hey @GEICO if you're going to keep me on hold for 45 minutes you should at the very least have a call back option...
about 1 hour ago
@USPS been on hold for an hour and a half so far and if anyone answers they immediately go “oh sh*t, hold”. I haven… https://t.co/Ut6o3NkVMk
about 1 hour ago
@KLM I am getting an error when I try to check in for my flight tomorrow. Was on hold for over 2 hours and reached… https://t.co/7zT4HxcB8R
about 1 hour ago
@SkyHelpTeam And wait on hold for 20 minutes? Great service 🤦🏼‍♀️
on hold with Virgin Media
about 1 hour ago
@virginmedia I've tried over the past few days and while on hold with that awful music playing no one picks up, jus… https://t.co/6IxKNw6rfM
on hold with Nordstrom
about 2 hours ago
@Nordstrom 6 minutes and 26 seconds on hold at Nordstrom palm beach garden. I was overcharged and no one is even pi… https://t.co/BbY9ZxgBuf
on hold with Virgin Atlantic
about 2 hours ago
@VirginAtlantic two hours on hold then got cut off 😩😡😡🤬
on hold with Eurostar
about 2 hours ago
@Eurostar I spent 40 minutes on hold only to get transferred between different departments. Now you aren’t acceptin… https://t.co/vd57hjCnd1
on hold with Allied Irish Banks
about 2 hours ago
On hold with @AskAIB for 40 minutes so far...very fun
on hold with O2 Mobile
about 2 hours ago
@O2 you absolute scumbags, 45 minutes on hold just to be cut off as you answer, this is ridiculous and you take the complete piss
on hold with Lululemon Athletica
about 2 hours ago
Hey @lululemon waited 16 minutes on hold for CS only to get a perverted heavy breather answer. Anyone else have this issue?
on hold with KitchenAid
about 3 hours ago
@KitchenAidUSA Yes, but it does not change the fact of the hours on hold and repeat calls to get it taken care of.… https://t.co/fid9mbKi5p
on hold with Porter Airlines
about 3 hours ago
Usually I budget a good 90 - 120 minutes to get this done. Not with @porterairlines I was on hold for about 3 minu… https://t.co/BDKBrhOFGi
on hold with Bank of America
about 3 hours ago
@BrittanyRoyale Bee, I’m on hold with BoA trying to file a claim because someone spent $41 in Atlanta. This is so p… https://t.co/RaXHgxBFkW
on hold with MoneyGram
about 3 hours ago
@MoneyGram @RichardSemmler Yeah, and sit on hold for an hour before they (illegally) say they can't help you for 90… https://t.co/42V11E7d79
on hold with Virgin Atlantic
about 3 hours ago
@VirginAtlantic on hold for over 2 hours. For the 3rd time in 3 weeks and still haven’t spoken to a person. Ended u… https://t.co/Jjieo9rvcW
on hold with Vodafone
about 4 hours ago
@VodafoneUK Why is it so hard to speak to a customer advisor. I’ve been on hold for over an hour! Unacceptable
on hold with EasyJet
about 4 hours ago
@easyJet nobody answers your phone!!! On hold for 45 minutes! Can someone take some responsibility maybe for your customers?
on hold with Sainsbury's
about 5 hours ago
@sainsburys Abbie, is there any other way to find out? I don't fancy being on hold for another 45+ minutes. I just… https://t.co/xS7B14GhPo
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We feel that creating awareness of the “waiting-on-hold” problem will prompt companies to improve the calling experience by adding call-backs (technology that holds your place in line), the best alternative to waiting on hold!

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