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on hold with Papa John's
about 42 seconds ago
@PapaJohns waited on hold for over 10 minutes even after I asked to speak to a manager I continued to wait on hold
on hold with 13CABS
about 7 minutes ago
In the time that I was on hold with @13cabs I was able to download the @Uber app 🤔
on hold with Telus
about 8 minutes ago
@TELUSsupport been on hold for 30 minutes and why don't they ever tell you how long the wait will be? Would like to know if its 5min or 5hr
on hold with Verizon
about 8 minutes ago
Oh just waiting on hold with @verizon FOR AN HOIR because everyone hates their service so much that customer service is backed up
on hold with American Express
about 10 minutes ago
@AskAmex my account is on hold for $100, I only spent $20...
on hold with Apple
about 15 minutes ago
I really have to pee but I'm stuck on hold with Apple and I'm convinced that once I start peeing someone will come on the line
on hold with Airbnb
about 16 minutes ago
@Airbnb called for support on cohosting, got hung up on three times with three different reps and placed on hold for 35 @AirbnbHelp
on hold with Wing Stop
about 20 minutes ago
I'm on hold with Wingstop
on hold with Telstra
about 23 minutes ago
@Telstra I have been on hold for almost 2 hours now for technical support. Bigpond cable isnt working in Tennyson, QLD.
on hold with Verizon
about 30 minutes ago
@verizonfios I've been on hold for an hour waiting for tech support! The VMS is one day old!!!
on hold with Verizon
about 30 minutes ago
On hold with Verizon for a solid 20 mins and got half a sentence out when my call dropped
on hold with American Express
about 32 minutes ago
@AskAmex Been on hold for amex plat travel over half hour, have other phone for concierge going for 45 mins. Anyone still working there?
on hold with Verizon
about 34 minutes ago
@verizon There's a downed fallen Verizon wire in my driveway. Was on hold for an hour so hung up. Who can fix this? Please help!!!
on hold with Amazon
about 35 minutes ago
@AmazonHelp From amazon support, to the twitch desk in which i was on hold for A HALF AN HOUR, then was transfered… https://t.co/NzF5gDYSXb
on hold with Centrelink
about 38 minutes ago
@Centrelink @centrelinkgovau please help I was on hold for an hour then hung up on when the person picked up and now it won't let me call!
on hold with British Airways
about 42 minutes ago
@British_Airways been on hold for 15 minutes, need help and unable to work with website for my issues. Any suggestions for help?
on hold with Avis
about 44 minutes ago
@Avis ...then when i called to speak with an agent you put me on hold for 15 minutes then hung up before I could speak with anyone.
on hold with Verizon
about 48 minutes ago
@VerizonSupport Still on hold for over an hour... And the billing is a new issue all together https://t.co/Svu8PKoL5l
about 49 minutes ago
@USPS my package hasn't moved in 13 days I was on hold for an hour called again and was told hours are closed ??!?!?!?? What's happening ???
on hold with AT&T
about 1 hour ago
Getting one second older......on hold with at&t again.
on hold with Verizon
about 1 hour ago
Surprised that @verizonfios keeps someone on hold for over an hour when they're trying to setup service. Doesn't really bode well does it
on hold with Dunkin' Donuts
about 1 hour ago
@DunkinDonuts BEYOND DISAPPOINTED with your "customer service". Case 10472356 Have waited on hold for hours with no answer! Not cool!
on hold with Outback Steakhouse
about 1 hour ago
@Outback ordered food via curbside, got home and 2 items were left out of the bag, been on hold for over 10 mins to speak with a manager....
on hold with Comcast
about 1 hour ago
@XFINITY Almost at 4 hours on hold and still being transferred around
on hold with Barclays
about 1 hour ago
@Barclays jeezus!! Was just on hold for over 1/2 hour to be told systems were down. No apologies offered. Screw you !
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