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on hold with Kia
about 25 seconds ago
@Kia the fact that I just waited an hour and thirty four minutes on hold to speak to someone to then get a voicemai… https://t.co/FxPtW8rTgy
on hold with WestJet
about 2 minutes ago
@WestJet Waited on hold for over an hour for the escalation department to hang up on me. How can I speak to someone?
on hold with Entergy
about 4 minutes ago
I’ve been on hold with entergy for 20 minutes.. & ima sit here until they answer. They tryna hold me until 5!!!
on hold with Shoppers Drug Mart
about 13 minutes ago
Waiting to speak on the phone with someone as I told her I am going to report her @ShopprsDrugMart I am now 15 minutes on hold! 5/5
on hold with Royal Bank of Canada
about 17 minutes ago
@rbc I’ve been on hold with the Fraud Department for 2 hours. Will my call actually be answered today?
on hold with Spotify
about 22 minutes ago
Who needs a Spotify subscription when you can just stay on hold with call centre?
on hold with IRS
about 33 minutes ago
@TomCottonAR Ass face, Tom Cotton, seems perfectly ok waiting on hold for an IRS agent for hours...it's a good thin… https://t.co/bHeF5jSpPL
on hold with Bank of America
about 33 minutes ago
@BankofAmerica WOW. I have $2,000 stolen from my account, call the 1800 number, I am on hold for AN HOUR, and then… https://t.co/6KxSrduk7l
on hold with Rogers
about 36 minutes ago
@RogersHelps no I am on hold with your poorly trained reps at 1888rogers1 and have been passed around like a basketball
on hold with AAA
about 37 minutes ago
my car won’t start, my tire is flat, and triple a has had me on hold for 45 mins…can we get to the funny part of the joke now 🫠
on hold with Amazon
about 40 minutes ago
@kunerksterphoto @mahkjchi I'm on hold with amazon right now... the seller is also Dttb95 and it looks like they're in Vietnam
on hold with Hotels.com
about 44 minutes ago
@hotelsdotcom Still on hold with customer service 2 months later. Numerous calls - being hung up on. Never book wit… https://t.co/T7mY4abEeS
on hold with Telus
about 48 minutes ago
@TELUSsupport And be on hold for over an hour……first Rogers then Bell . Is #telus next? Stop the bullying and do w… https://t.co/j0fT1jqigK
on hold with IRS
about 58 minutes ago
I’ve been on hold with the IRS for 1 hour and 30 minutes and I’m waiting on hold for another 60 minutes 😐
on hold with Ticket Master
about 1 hour ago
@Ticketmaster still on hold with this “fraud prevention line” because I keep getting an error when trying to buy tickets.
on hold with Bank of America
about 1 hour ago
@BankofAmerica been on hold for 25 minutes waiting for information about fraudulent activity so if someone could PL… https://t.co/kGHzSWYjne
on hold with Delta Vacations
about 1 hour ago
@DeltaVacations I need to make a change, and you have me on hold for 45 minutes. Is there an easier way to speak to someone please?
on hold with PayPal
about 1 hour ago
@AskPayPal disgusting that I’ve been on hold for an hour and 10 minutes just to speak to someone. bullshit https://t.co/NXPOGjA8Kc
on hold with Sainsbury's
about 1 hour ago
@sainsburys I've been waiting 45 minutes on hold after being asked to call your payment line in reference to a deli… https://t.co/cxi0VAoReF
on hold with Activision
about 1 hour ago
COD SERVER UPDATE: @Activision & @RavenSoftware are currently on hold with the servers customer support and is pass… https://t.co/rID1o4WTAu
on hold with Virgin Media
about 1 hour ago
@virginmedia I've called twice now, both times I've been on hold for ages then told someone will call me back in 10… https://t.co/wr58s6LVDm
on hold with Virgin Media
about 2 hours ago
@virginmedia great service today, on hold for an hour then cut off. Waste of time! Just want to cancel my package due to a house move 😨
on hold with Rackspace
about 2 hours ago
@Rackspace 45 minutes on hold with that tedious hold music. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?
on hold with American Airlines
about 2 hours ago
@AmericanAir I have been on hold for more than 2 hours about my AA Advantage miles - please let me know what's going on....!!! Crazy.
on hold with IRS
about 2 hours ago
@TFGsRightNipple @TomCottonAR Not to mention it's not all agents. You try to get ahold of the IRS lately? I spent 6 hours on hold last month
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