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on hold with PayPal
about 6 minutes ago
@PayPal on hold for 25 minutes, seriously??
on hold with Digicel
about 9 minutes ago
So I've been on hold with Digicel customer care for 10 mins waiting to talk to an agent.
on hold with United Airlines
about 11 minutes ago
@united Well, you could refund the $341 I have been asking for for 2 mos. and not make me wait on hold for an hour the 6th time I've called.
on hold with Best Buy
about 14 minutes ago
@_Miche11e_ still on hold with bestbuy?
on hold with AT&T
about 15 minutes ago
@MarcyLilley @ATTCares_Not @ATT @ATTCares I spent over 20hours in one being transferred and on hold with them! It's… https://t.co/P2dorRiC5v
on hold with T-Mobile
about 18 minutes ago
@TMobile i believe customer service is playing games today I've been on hold for 15 mins now after waiting 20 to get someone!!!!!!!
on hold with Virgin Media
about 18 minutes ago
@virginmedia Yes, put on hold for 10 minutes and then the line went dead
about 20 minutes ago
Raining at the Oval so Sky showing programme on Michael Holding with many shots of Kingston, Jamaica. Brings back great memories.
on hold with TalkTalk
about 28 minutes ago
When you want to complaining about poor customer service then the keep you on hold for 15 mins 🖕🏼 @TalkTalk
on hold with Halifax Bank
about 28 minutes ago
@AskHalifaxBank I'm not spending another twelve minutes on hold listening to a patronizing voice message. You can call me instead.
on hold with Apple
about 29 minutes ago
#applecare @AppleSupport I've been on hold for over an hour, and haven't been able to speak to a single human yet. How do I get support?
on hold with DMV
about 31 minutes ago
On hold with DMV like https://t.co/6CiV9nEueL
about 37 minutes ago
@USPS I've been on hold for 50 mins. I need this package that coming, as it keeps my dog alive. Why have I been on hold for this long?
on hold with IRS
about 38 minutes ago
I fell asleep while I was on hold with the IRS.... woke up an hour later still on hold
on hold with Pizza Hut
about 39 minutes ago
@pizzahut They didn't pick up after 10 minutes on hold...
on hold with Ticket Master
about 42 minutes ago
@Wpg_Goldeyes @FMRedHawks Been on hold for 20 minutes w/ ticket master trying to buy a ticket. Anyone I can talk to about this?
on hold with HSBC
about 46 minutes ago
Hi @HSBC_UK @HSBC just wondering if anyone's working today? Been on hold for a pretty long time.... https://t.co/DLqsqut1C0
on hold with AXA Insurance
about 48 minutes ago
@axainsurance been on hold for 40min so far after 25 min I spoke to someone who said he would but me straight through...lunch break wasted
on hold with Porter Airlines
about 53 minutes ago
On hold with @porterairlines just to get information on my flight to Boston Saturday...can someone answer my questions #itsbeen1hr
on hold with Halifax Bank
about 53 minutes ago
@AskHalifaxBank why has my husband been on hold for 20 mins & all cos he's trying to pay the 17pence he owes which you sent him letter for ?
on hold with Commonwealth Bank
about 57 minutes ago
Aint no damn reason #CommonwealthBank should have me on hold for 30 mins and counting😑😤
on hold with Bank of Ireland
about 1 hour ago
Just over 10 minutes on hold waiting for @bankofireland oh lawdy.
on hold with The White House
about 1 hour ago
1When I called the White House and got a real person to answer as soon as I started to express my concern I got put on hold with no response
on hold with Esurance
about 1 hour ago
on hold with @esurance so far I can get DISH, a cruise, a singles dating service, but not any customer service yet.
on hold with Progressive Insurance
about 1 hour ago
Been on hold with @Progressive for 39 minutes now....wtf Flo https://t.co/dnkIOCMrzK
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