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on hold with US Bank
about 5 minutes ago
I spent 2 hours and 23 minutes on hold with @usbank rewards card program before finally giving up. I can’t help… https://t.co/hUucw1q7hU
on hold with Southwest Airlines
about 6 minutes ago
I been on hold with Southwest Vacations for 18 mins and they been saying I’m next in line since I called 🙄
on hold with DMV
about 16 minutes ago
No matter what time of day you call, the @CA_DMV will have you on hold for hours...
on hold with Best Buy
about 17 minutes ago
On hold with the @BestBuy store right now for 20min!! I'm on hold as I type this. I seriously canNOT believe this.… https://t.co/9iJDikXVGw
on hold with US Bank
about 24 minutes ago
@usbank do you think I was on hold with my grandma
on hold with Cox
about 26 minutes ago
Cox must really not want me to end this 2 yr agreement. Been on hold for a smooth 17 min
on hold with Express Scripts
about 28 minutes ago
So @ExpressScripts keeps calling me and so I call them back and get on hold for 30+ minutes with some tooty hippie… https://t.co/n6Nuxnpfiv
on hold with Branch Banking & Trust
about 35 minutes ago
On hold for 45 min. Officially the worst bank on the planet @BBT https://t.co/ctoggalHj1
on hold with Apple
about 37 minutes ago
@Apple @AppleSupport I have been on hold for over an hour now. All I want is my AirPods please…
on hold with DMV
about 38 minutes ago
Going for 3 hours on hold with the @CA_DMV 🤩🤩🤩! #ApparentlyIHaveAllTheTimeInTheWorld Answer dammit😤
on hold with WestJet
about 44 minutes ago
@WestJet on hold for over 3 hours by phone and waiting in your online chat line up for over 2 hours. All to change… https://t.co/ok1tC0Jrys
on hold with Verizon
about 47 minutes ago
My screen froze up on me and I couldn’t do nothing on my phone for bout a hour! And Verizon had me on hold for a long time 😫
on hold with Bank of America
about 48 minutes ago
@BofA_Help I have been on hold for over an hour waiting for someone to pick up the phone. I want to know why you gu… https://t.co/SaJKSVqxoq
on hold with Bank of America
about 56 minutes ago
I'm on hold with Bank of America, which is pretty much a 2020 mood overall.
on hold with Virgin Media
about 1 hour ago
@virginmedia Tried the chat on the website and got kept on hold for an hour without success. Broadband had been u… https://t.co/XXakQJkXl2
about 1 hour ago
I be on hold with USAA all day😂
on hold with Lifetouch
about 1 hour ago
Someone from #Lifetouch should answer phones or emails. 15 minutes on hold and counting. This is frustrating over school pictures.
on hold with Dyson
about 1 hour ago
38 minutes on hold, day 3.... @Dyson
on hold with Tractor Supply
about 1 hour ago
@TractorSupply I have been on hold for over 3 hours! Crazy. Please follow me so I can DM you a number where you can call me.
on hold with Topps
about 1 hour ago
Been on hold with Topps for an hour and 8 minutes, and at long last - my position in the queue is ONE!
on hold with College Board
about 1 hour ago
@CollegeBoard how can someone reach you for a case update?! We’ve been on hold for 40 minutes after having been on… https://t.co/G9Ley96oRO
on hold with Register.com
about 1 hour ago
@Register_com Is there a reason I had to wait on hold for an hour to speak to a rep who knew this is a widespread i… https://t.co/acwszs8Zwo
about 1 hour ago
@cityoftoronto for the third time I've been on hold with the parking permit office to try to see about getting a pe… https://t.co/xBZvsLtVgR
on hold with British Telecom
about 1 hour ago
@missnspence @bt_uk I’ve spent more hours on hold to BT than on holiday this summer. Kill me.
on hold with The Vanguard Group
about 1 hour ago
@Vanguard_Group Unbelievably bad customer service. On hold for hours today, randomly disconnected. Step it up!
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