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on hold with Vodafone
about 41 minutes ago
@VodafoneUK Spent 18 minutes on hold waiting to speak to a human, got disconnected. I'm giving up and heading to EE.
on hold with ScottishPower
about 45 minutes ago
Ok @ScottishPower you are ridiculous. You keep me on hold for over 2 hours then cut me off, muck up my £66 voucher,… https://t.co/kValLbhy29
on hold with MTN Group
about 1 hour ago
@MTNNG Your customer care personal placed my call on hold for more than 15 minutes and ended the call when she saw… https://t.co/wR4NbcdWc9
on hold with T-Mobile
about 2 hours ago
On hold with @TMobile & y’all they started playing @iamluckydaye Roll Some More 🥹 they know me too well
on hold with John Lewis
about 3 hours ago
@JohnLewisRetail have tried your call centre twice this morning. First time after 15 minutes on hold I was put thro… https://t.co/3QOUaN3DIW
on hold with Royal Mail
about 3 hours ago
Been on hold for 30 minutes to @RoyalMail because they can’t seem to deliver high value items to the right address!… https://t.co/pa8gztFc8C
on hold with Whirlpool
about 4 hours ago
@GurleenKaur_19 Already in my watchlist from last week giving good returns already holding with 4965 SL for 5500 today added whirlpool
on hold with Paddy Power
about 5 hours ago
@paddypower Probably on hold with virgin media...
on hold with Rackspace
about 6 hours ago
@rackspaceUK @Rackspace On hold for over two hours then the person who answers can’t help & offers a callback. Stil… https://t.co/vR0Zg2EH3e
about 7 hours ago
@E_ShaManagement @rolandsmartin @BlkStarNetwork @JacksonStateU @DeionSanders Student loans been on hold for more than a year.
on hold with 1and1
about 9 hours ago
no entrapment, 1 vic who someone else transported. Holding with 1&1, large debris field.
on hold with Little Caesars
about 10 hours ago
@littlecaesars I’ve tried calling multiple days and was on hold for hours. I even filled out the contact us form on… https://t.co/1kct3B8Klz
on hold with Fedex
about 12 hours ago
How can I get @FedExHelp @FedEx to respond ???? Been waiting for customer service on hold for hours. When should I give up.
on hold with Fedex
about 12 hours ago
Been on hold with #Fedex for over two hours waiting for help before they send my package back… https://t.co/jzOUS2jlJk
on hold with Fedex
about 13 hours ago
1 Hour and 54 minutes on hold with @FedEx customer service. But please continue to hold someone will be with me sh… https://t.co/FP3q53TcZR
on hold with Rackspace
about 13 hours ago
@Rackspace Created the tenant, Rackspace created a password I can't recover. Left messages, on hold for hours, subm… https://t.co/VPyUkGIZQc
on hold with Rackspace
about 13 hours ago
@dfwurbanrealty @ArvinderWalia22 @Rackspace Same problem here - 6pm west coast. on hold for over an hour. at this… https://t.co/LKsG7FoQjo
on hold with Fedex
about 13 hours ago
@FedEx @FedExHelp also 2 hours on hold waiting for a representative to tell me that my promised delivery is not goi… https://t.co/U1P3Riyx1e
on hold with Fedex
about 13 hours ago
@rubinsafaya @FedEx @FedExHelp I am at 1 hour and 33 minutes on hold. But they will be with me shortly.
on hold with Apple
about 14 hours ago
on hold with apple care and im just like cancel my shit man https://t.co/m95OGqzKL9
on hold with Bell
about 14 hours ago
@DarkSilentSky @Bell_Support Same here. On with Bell tech telephone line and on hold for a very long time.
on hold with Fedex
about 14 hours ago
@FedEx @FedExHelp The worst customer service I have ever seen from a package company. been on hold for over 40 minu… https://t.co/jMO5LbBaMA
on hold with Optimum
about 14 hours ago
@OptimumHelp No Wi-Fi, no ability to stream movies. Been on hold for over an hour listening to bad ‘music.’ $228… https://t.co/T70n0crTv8
on hold with Royal Bank of Canada
about 15 hours ago
@RBC Do you think it is reasonable to expect loyal customers to wait 3 hours on hold to speak to someone at RBC Rew… https://t.co/HrMOZjWbJs
on hold with Lowe's
about 16 hours ago
@Lowes your customer service is absolute trash. Been on hold for over an hour and your chat hasn’t been any help either.
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