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about 1 week ago
Come on ANZ, 49 minutes on hold... really? @ANZ_AU
about 3 weeks ago
@ANZ_AU No. After 30 minutes on hold I gave up.
about 4 weeks ago
@ANZ_AU been on hold for 20 minutes trying to close my account. Seriously ????
about 2 months ago
Hey @ANZ_AU does anyone answer the phone at Esanda? How am I to obtain a payout figure if I'm on hold for 30+ minu…
about 3 months ago
I've been on hold with @ANZ_AU Insurance for 16 minutes but the hold music is so epic, I don't mind.
about 4 months ago
@ANZ_AU been on hold for 25mins to get through to a consultant. Understand volumes may be high, but surely this is too long?
about 5 months ago
@ANZ_AU Trust me. Have tried but I get tired of waiting on hold for an hour 😳
about 5 months ago
Gotta say, I've been on hold with @ANZ_AU twice this week and they have the best hold music 🎶👍🏻
about 5 months ago
@ANZ_AU after 29 minutes on hold you win. My home loan rate stays where it is for another day.
about 6 months ago
@ANZ_AU have been trying to contact someone been on hold for a long time now.
about 6 months ago
@ANZ_AU There is no phone number to contact the brach directly. Waited on hold for an hour and hung up. Used your c…
about 6 months ago
Thirteen minutes on hold to @ANZ_AU and so far today we’ve got: Never Tear Us Apart by INXS and She’s a Maniac by M…
about 6 months ago
@ANZ_AU 2 hours on hold so far and counting
about 6 months ago
@ANZ_AU Yep waited nearly 2 hours on hold today and couldn’t get though. Filled out an online form I found and now…
about 6 months ago
I have been on hold for over 8 hours with @ANZ_AU 😭😑
about 6 months ago
@ANZ_AU going on 4 hours on hold. Any chance of implementing a call back service?
about 6 months ago
Twenty minutes on hold to @ANZ_AU so far: Whitney Houston, Queen, Fleetwood Mac. Not even these bangers can ease my rage.
about 6 months ago
@ANZ_AU hey what gives! You keep me on hold for 5 minutes then tell you cannot take my call as it's only "essential…
about 7 months ago
I've been on hold with @ANZ_AU for 13 minutes and counting. I'm not even a customer yet. Not a great first impression...
about 8 months ago
The wonderful thing about spending several hours of your Saturday morning on hold with @ANZ_AU when an auction is c…
about 8 months ago
Hey @ANZ_AU ... should it take 3 hours on hold before I speak to an operator? Really?!
about 8 months ago
@ANZ_AU No one called me back. Just been back trying to make contact. 45 minutes on hold. There is no option to lea…
about 8 months ago
@ANZ_AU Hi team... I’ve been on hold with the assessments team for a total of 2.5 hours today. Really not acceptabl…
about 8 months ago
Was on hold with @ANZ_AU for nearly two hours. As the 120 minute mark approached, I wanted to commemorate it with a…
about 10 months ago
Have been on hold with @ANZ_AU because somehow my online banking has been locked ???? So fkn redic been trying to s…
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