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about 4 months ago
@JCP_L worst customer service ever. Have been on hold for hours, tried to use the call back feature and nothing.
about 6 months ago
@JCP_L you have had me on hold for 50 min. What’s the dealio sir?
about 7 months ago
@JCP_L I need your help. I’ve been on hold for hours on multiple days. I need commercial billing. It’s beyond ridiculous at this point.
about 8 months ago
@JCP_L Two hours on hold. I’m hanging up. I have better things to do. I’m sure JCP&L will be quick to contact me if my payment is late.
about 9 months ago
@JCP_L According to outage map, power will be restored by 8/11? How is yesterday after waiting on hold for hours an…
about 9 months ago
@JCP_L I called and was on hold for 15 minutes and your rep told me power would be restored at 9 AM. If I am lied t…
about 1 year ago
@JCP_L you are the worst! On hold for 20 minutes to close my mother's account and the rep hangs up. Why no skip o…
about 1 year ago
@JCP_L 5-6 power cuts in 30 minutes, and more than 45 minutes on hold with no answer. No customer service, no answers, no good!
about 3 years ago
@JCP_L Can I PLEASE speak with someone without having to wait on hold for 20 minutes and then get disconnected 2x w…
about 3 years ago
@JCP_L On hold for 15 minutes and rising. Unbelievably poor customer service as always. #CustomerService #jerseycentralpowerlight
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