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@RSPCA_official DEDPERATLY TRYING TO GET HOLD OF YOU BEEN ON HOLD FOR 30 mins and I have lost dog here
@RSPCA_official Peacock on the grounds of Bradford Royal Infirmary- on hold for 20 mins trying to report it- fear it will be run over 😳
@RSPCA_official Tried that number but was on hold for 10 mins
@RSPCA_official Thankfully a neighbour came along and was able to assist me. But 30 minutes on hold, you get plenty…
@RSPCA_official i have been on hold for 30 minutes on your emergency line, this is unacceptable
@EllieAwford @RSPCA_official Was on hold for ages and had to give up :( Problem is it's in a gated lot too. It's…
There's a baby rooster in my garden and i have no idea what to do! Been on hold with @RSPCA_official for ages
@RSPCA_official on hold for over 10 minutes at the minute trying to contact you about an injured bird I’m with :(
@RSPCA_official I did call but I was on hold for 45 minutes and I’m at work
@RSPCA_official I’ve been on hold for almost 35 mins now. To report something this is a joke.
When you're put on hold for 5 minutes when using a 24 hour @RSPCA_official helpline. Great, because being on hold w…
@RSPCA_official I was on hold for ages and by that time the fox had run off and I couldn’t find it again ☹️ any adv…
@XtinaG @RSPCA_official @chloemtommo @BhamDogsHome Yeah they won’t answer, I just keep getting put on hold with mus…
@RSPCA_official We've been on hold for 15 mins and have an injured cat that we cannot get to a vets. Please respond.
@RSPCA_official 16 minutes on hold !! Waste of time! If u take a wild animal to vets who pays the bill? Only advice could give me! A joke 😡😡
@RSPCA_official Yes I did, and was on hold for 10 minutes each time ( called 2 times) before being rudely spoken to…
@rspca_official Lovely little orphaned fox cub trying to come in houses.Have been on hold with you 15mins, can you advise best time to call?
@RSPCA_official thanks yes been on hold for 25 mins. Our dog is going crazy and children quite distressed. Will keep trying to contact you
Oi @RSPCA_official you lot ain't shit - got this pregnant cat dying out here and you lot have had me on hold for about ten minutes
@RSPCA_official I have been on hold for over 90 minutes trying to talk to you re suspected canine neglect - any chance of anyone answering?
@RSPCA_official I'm trying to report a bird caught up in fishing wire at Raphael's park, Romford, but I've been on hold for a while...
@RSPCA_official I've been ringing your number to see if anyone can help but I've been on hold for about 45 mins now..
@RSPCA_official disappointed with your service. On hold for ages and we have a baby magpie here that needs help. #frustrating #nightmare
@RSPCA_official wild bird with damaged wing. Safe in shoebox now. On hold for 25+mins to helpline. Pls advise
@RSPCA_official trying to report an injured badger in Milton Keynes. Been on hold for 15 mins, have to go to a meeting. Have pm'd details
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