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@CA_EDD 3+ hours on hold 4 nothing
@CA_EDD been on hold for 5 hours now, what’s going on? 🤦🏽‍♂️
@JoshNewmanCA @CA_EDD How can people search for jobs when they (literally) have to spend 6-8 hours on hold w EDD as it is.
@1taroakira @NotChrisks @CA_EDD Noo I've been on hold for a specialist for 3 hrs 😩😩
@Martha69509087 @CA_EDD At 1hr 30mins currently on hold for a "specialist"
After waiting more than 4.5 hours on hold, the @CA_EDD hung up on me at 8pm because they “closed”! 🤯🤦‍♂️ 1 hour of…
@LeahhToxiic @CA_EDD Damn I’m on hold for an hour and was excited until I saw this 🤯
My day, again! @CA_EDD @GavinNewsom Four hours on hold, hung up on at 8:00 p.m.
@BarjestehNasim @CA_EDD Been on hold for 5 hours today. Want to go ahead and hang up but it’s been 5 hours. Can go…
@CA_EDD Literally been calling since 10:30 got through 4 times, on hold for hours 4 times and got hung up on. Fucking ridiculous
#EDD has claimants waiting for over 3 hours on hold!!! @CA_EDD
@CA_EDD How is it that we are on hold for hours and then call suddenly drops? Or every call we make to you always h…
@EdwardJSinglet1 @CA_EDD I was told to call EDD anytime I do. They keep on hold for more than 30 minutes till the c…
@SSilk03 @CA_EDD Same here, currently stuck on hold for over 6 hours now
@AleLimas77 @CA_EDD GIRL IM LITERALLY ON HOLD WITH A REP AND HE MENTIONED THIS. They said my extension ended March…
@CA_EDD I was on hold for over 8 hours today to speak with a claims specialist and then the call disconnected. What gives?
@GavinNewsom please help me. I’ve been on hold with the @CA_EDD for 5 hours. That’s after having called 21 times.
On hold with @CA_EDD & jus got a call back but on hold again for another hour & 20 mins 😩😩😩 when will they answer ?…
@jocelyn05788985 @CA_EDD Call and call and call until you get on the queue.. My husband waited 4 hours on hold and…
@CA_EDD trying to help a friend out and been on hold for almost 4 hours!! 4 hours!! This is a joke!!
@vanitybyzee @CA_EDD My husband got thru a waited 4 hours on hold, talked to someone, and they released the payment…
@emily_hoeven @CA_EDD Don't use any call bot companies after 3pm. You will be put on hold for over 3 hours just to be cut off just after 8pm
@qtpatty @vanitybyzee @CA_EDD Been there I was on hold for 5 hours today. Then when I got someone she put me on hol…
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