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about 5 months ago
I called utep & he said hold & ive been on hold for 25 minutes I’m just tryna figure out where my parking permit went
about 5 months ago
If UTEP leaves me on hold for 10 more minute they ain’t gettin shit on my momma
about 5 months ago
Update: been on hold for 30 mins now. Could’ve been almost to utep by now if I just drove there to make a mf appointment with my advisor
about 6 months ago
I’ve been on hold for an hour. I hate UTEP
about 8 months ago
I’ve been on hold for 20 minutes. Utep really trying to make me just drop out of school huh
about 10 months ago
utep really has my account on hold for a dollar bitch what
about 1 year ago
Tell me why utep advising put me on hold for 15 minutes so they could find the answer to my question and then came…
about 1 year ago
Utep has had me on hold for 30 min🙃 I’m just trying to go to college😩
about 1 year ago
Every time I call utep I’m on hold for 20 mins🙃🙃🙃🙃
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