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about 43 minutes ago
@Talk2Windstream Have tried Support once already, didn't get an answer, was on hold for more then 10 minutes, but I'll try again
about 15 hours ago
30 minutes and waiting on hold with @Windstream I LITERALLY HATE YALL.
about 17 hours ago
@Windstream 30 minutes on hold... Don't worry, I restarted my modem enough times it's working again. #howmuchisspectrum @GetSpectrum
about 1 day ago
@Talk2Windstream having phone issues in Pompano Beach,FL. I’ve been waiting on hold for 30 mins now.
about 3 days ago
Hey @Windstream You missed an install date, failed to follow-up on two phone calls and I am now on hold for 30 minutes. Can you do better?
about 3 days ago
1 week without Windstream internet, now on hold for 51 minutes for tech, pitiful for $156.00 a month!
about 4 days ago
Thanks, @Talk2Windstream @Windstream after 24 minutes on hold I finally get connected — to a busy signal! Grrr ...
about 5 days ago
Don't have internet no problem.. just call @Windstream 5xs a day, wait on hold for at least 1/2hour each time & wait.... #reallife
about 6 days ago
75 minutes on hold with @Windstream 120 minutes average hold time confirmed by the technician. I think I'd hire more call center reps.
about 6 days ago
@Miller_RotoDad @Windstream Yes. It's crazy. Been on hold for over 35 mins to talk to someone. Did all the steps for home remedy also. Ugh!
about 1 week ago
@Talk2Windstream I've been on hold for 105 minutes trying to disable call forwarding. Can u help?
about 3 weeks ago
@Windstream Phone Service outage in Midtown NYC. I'd report it if I wasn't on hold for 20 minutes.
about 1 month ago
@Talk2Windstream internet has been out for hours. On hold for 30 minutes and disconnected. switching ISP- this happens too much!
about 1 month ago
@Windstream @Talk2Windstream this is how long I've been on hold with your "customer service." Is this a joke?
about 1 month ago
@Windstream this is how long I've been on hold with your "customer service." Is this a joke?
about 1 month ago
@Talk2Windstream is there an outage at 74014? On hold with customer care for over 15mins.
about 1 month ago
On hold with @Windstream for 20 minutes trying to get my already slow internet working again has me thinking I should just #cutthecord
about 1 month ago
@Windstream internet issues. Called 3 times: twice disconnected by your people and on the third, been on hold for 30 minutes, with "9 more
about 2 months ago
@Talk2Windstream Does anyone ever answer the tech support phones? Going on 15 minutes on hold for my intermittent broadband.
about 2 months ago
@Windstream been on hold for 20 mins just to try to ask why my download speed dropped to .03-.2mpbs for the last 2 days. terrible service.
about 2 months ago
@Windstream customer service sucks, been on hold for 20 min 🙄
about 2 months ago
@Windstream 17 minutes on hold,disconnected, 8 more minutes and told it will be within a week to fix dial tone and internet! Unacceptable
about 2 months ago
@Talk2Windstream Waited on hold for 20 minutes - finally talked to someone...
about 2 months ago
@Talk2Windstream 51 minutes on hold for enterprise repair.
about 2 months ago
@Talk2Windstream I've been on hold for more than 11 minutes for a passcode for a voice mail. Now you dropped me. Great.
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