As a company with a call center, what can I do?

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Create a better experience for your customers, relieve your team’s stress, and drive incremental profits with Fonolo’s intelligent call-back solutions.

Your contact center is losing money every time a customer is placed on hold. But high call volume can’t always be avoided.

Call-backs are your most powerful weapon for defeating call-spikes when they strike. Call-backs are proven to lower abandon rates, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce cost-per-call.

Companies that Care Use Call-Backs

Voice Call-Backs

Offer callers the options to 'Press 1 to receive a call-back' and Fonolo will wait on hold for them. Simple, powerful, and effective.

Programmable Visual IVR

Take some pressure off your phone lines by offering customers a call-back from anywhere on your website, mobile app, or any of your existing channels.

Conversation Scheduling

Defer overflow callers to a quieter time of day with the most intelligent use of call-backs in the contact center.

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